What to Visit, Do and Eat this 2022: Rediscover Malaysia with Airbnb’s First-Ever Travel Guide

What to Visit, Do and Eat this 2022 Rediscover Malaysia with Airbnb’s First-Ever Travel Guide

Kuala Lumpur, 27 May 2022 — Global hospitality company Airbnb today launches its first-ever Airbnb Travel Guide to Malaysia, as the country’s tourism sector sees a resurgence following the long-awaited reopening of its international borders.

Aiming to inspire both international and domestic travelers to rediscover the country in style, the Airbnb Travel Guide 2022: Malaysia showcases Airbnb’s top up-and-coming destinations to visit and off-the-beaten-path hidden gems unbeknownst even to most locals. It also shines a spotlight on thrilling activities, delicious gastronomic specialities and the most extraordinary Airbnb stays across the country.

Amanpreet Bajaj, Airbnb’s General Manager for Southeast Asia, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan, shared, “As we gear up to welcome travelers back to Malaysian shores after the country’s international reopening, Airbnb is thrilled to launch our inaugural Airbnb Travel Guide 2022: Malaysia. The travel guide highlights a myriad of local hidden gems around Malaysia, and aims to provide a source of travel inspiration and stir a desire in both local and overseas travelers to explore the country safely and responsibly.”

Airbnb’s Top 5 Hottest, Most Underrated Destinations: Planning a unique getaway away from the usual tourist hotspots? Airbnb reveals its top 5 most underrated destinations in Malaysia – idyllic Timba-Timba Island teeming with colourful marine life; Sabah’s Kudat Island boasting uniquely bioluminescent waters; culturally-rich Sarikei in Sarawak; Sungai Lembing home to the stunning “Rainbow Waterfall”; and Belum Rainforest, one of the world’s oldest rainforests.

Top 5 Most Extraordinary Airbnb Stays: We’ve scoured the country to bring you the five incredibly unique stays – from a beautiful off-grid beachside chalet overlooking the South China Sea to a breathtaking getaway built into a mountain cliffside. Explore more amazing Stays including a one-of-a-kind countryside home handcrafted from natural bamboo, a timeless colonial-style Dutch chalet in Melaka, and a cosy Terengganu beach cabin where guests can fall asleep and wake to the sound of crashing waves.

Top 5 Most Unique Airbnb Experiences: Make your next vacation a most memorable one with special experiences hosted by passionate local experts! Kayak in the wetlands with a local naturalist and historian, learn all about batik canting and colouring, try your hand at rubber tapping, take a silat class from a silat master, and join a nocturnal exploration of Langkawi’s jungles.

Top 5 Fantastical Treats for the Tastebuds: Malaysia is known for a deliciously vast array of cuisines across a melting pot of cultures, and Airbnb unveils its top 5 must-try foods including the native Kadazandusun dish, hinava; a signature Harvest Festival delicacy, manok pansoh and the heartwarming Peranakan dish, ayam buah keluak.

Top Airbnb Travel Tips: To make for a safe trip, perform a COVID-19 test before traveling, and keep some COVID-19 flow test kits on hand for frequent testing. Prepare for outdoor activities by packing water and protective items such as eco-friendly bug spray, sunscreen and a basic first aid kit. Finally, support lokal by indulging in local delights and engage local communities, and you might make a few new friends at the end of it!

Head on over to https://news.airbnb.com/airbnb-travel-guide-2022-malaysia/ to check out Airbnb’s full travel guide.


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