personality MAGGI Bowl
personality MAGGI Bowl

Launch of “Sajian Seimbang Tanda Sayang” Campaign Masak Masak Kitchen

  1. Good morning dan apa khabar semua? A warm welcome to all our guests who are here today:
  • Firstly, we have today… Someone whose name needs no introduction – Sis Sheila Rusly – who wears many, many, many hats as a TV celebrity, Entrepreneur and Food Enthusiast. Appreciate your time here Sis, despite your busy schedule!     
  • And of course, we have our lovely emcee today – Ms Nana Mahazan – we love her bubbly presence;    
  • To my wonderful MAGGI team;
  • Members of the media;
  • Ladies and gentlemen.

2. Welcome to MAGGI Masak Masak Kitchen!

3. It’s been a while since we’ve had an event here due to the pandemic, so I’m truly happy to see our media friends here today!

4. I’m sure everyone loves food – and food does bring people together in a warm way – but we must remember to eat it the right way! So today, we’re excited to introduce to you MAGGI’s “Sajian Seimbang Tanda Sayang” campaign which focuses on raising awareness on balanced eating, as inspired by the Malaysian Healthy Plate guide introduced by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

5. The campaign was first introduced in 2019 to inspire moms to create affordable and tasty homecooked meals using MAGGI noodles by simply adding source of proteins and vegetables to achieve a balanced meal. Today, we’re launching the new phase of this campaign to include the aspect of celebrating moms’ culinary inventiveness in preparing a balance meal for her family, through a series of initiatives. 

6. In line with You and MAGGI, Cook the Difference, the MAGGI Sajian Seimbang Tanda Sayang” campaign will continue to promote healthier food choices through integrating three core components 🡪 the goodness of MAGGI noodles, fresh ingredients and mums love (Kebaikan mi MAGGI, bahan-bahan segar dan kasih sayang ibu). From a bowl filled with gratitude for the things that we have, to the moments created around a bowl of MAGGI, I’m sure we can all agree that it is mums’ creativity that makes all the difference!

7. As trends are moving towards healthier lifestyles, and eating is a big part of a healthy lifestyle, our campaign hopes to inspire more people to prepare balanced meals. So later today, we’ll have a great programme in store for you, with Sis Sheila showing us how simple and practical it is to prepare a balanced meal with her tasty recipe.  

8. Due to busier lifestyles, fast and convenience foods have increased in popularity as Malaysians turn to ‘no fuss’ and convenience meals. Riding on this trend, the love and demand of instant noodles are definitely increasing worldwide and in Malaysia. A study by Kantar Worldpanel FY21 revealed that instant noodles are one of the staple foods consumed in Malaysia, being the 8th top dish in the country and 44% of instant noodles consumptions happens during main meals.

9. The MAGGI 2-minute instant noodle was introduced to Malaysians in 1971, more than 50 years ago. It has since created both good food moments and memorable cooking experiences for all Malaysians. (Do you still remember the popular chant)Mi MAGGI Cepat DiMasak, Sedap DiMakan! – this melodic tune demonstrates how much Malaysians love their MAGGI 2-minute instant noodles!.

10. I am sure everyone here would have their own MAGGI moment since young. Many love MAGGI’s varieties of tastes and flavours. Today, we would like to share with everyone that MAGGI instant noodles can be made into a balanced meal, creating more eating options for consumers.

11. I am really excited about what we have in store for everyone today, including a session where you – members of the media – will personally make your own balanced bowls. I am sure you will have questions relating to nutrition and balanced meals. Do approach Ven Luan after the session on nutrition-related questions. So hopefully, all of us will have fun and learn something together today!

12. Lastly, remember that “Families That Eat Together Stays Together”. When we enjoy a balanced bowl, we also enjoy the togetherness and bonding time of the whole family. With that, I wish everyone stay healthy and continue to eat a balanced meal…do enjoy the programme we have arranged for you today!


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