UNIQLO 23FW Collection Preview

UNIQLO 23FW Collection Preview

Like adding colors one by one to a fresh canvas, combining new designs and style basics
broadens the possibilities of fashion. Layering shirts and knits of different colors and patterns. Thoughtful setups that mix natural fabrics and sporty items. Urban outdoor styles that are functional and warm. Finishing touches to your Fall & Winter wardrobe.
Next year marks UNIQLO’s 40th anniversary. Decades of people and cities, culture and history, technology and evolution. Like the wide range of colors that combine to form a rainbow, LifeWear is designed to brighten daily life for all, essential goods for everyone.

Modern Layering of Style

Classic yet modern. Casual yet chic. Layering your wardrobe can make you more like yourself, or something new. Sheer knits, utility bottoms, and outerwear shirts perfect for early fall. Stylishness that doesn’t overlook casual lightness.

Modern Layering of Color & Texture

A rich variety of wool, knits, and other warm textures for winter. Tone-on-tone gradation colors in gray, berry, and off white. Well-honed, simple modern layering cultivated with materials and a color palette to complement the individuality of the wearer.

Modern Layering of Function

Outerwear incorporating the latest technologies, and 20 years of HEATTECH. Continually evolving, distinctively UNIQLO functional items envelop you in comfortable warmth all winter. Step away from the everyday with warm layers, embarking on a new adventure in harmony with nature.


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