Behrens | The Brand that Redefines Time is now available at Red Army Watches

Behrens The Brand that Redefines Time is now available at Red Army Watches

Kuala Lumpur, July 2023 – Behrens, a small independent watch brand known for its focus on design and development of modified movements, proudly presents the B020 “APOLAR” Series. This extraordinary mechanical wristwatch showcases a groundbreaking concept inspired by the celestial relationship between the Earth and the Moon, offering a captivating and non-traditional approach to displaying time. 

The B020 “APOLAR” by Behrens is a result of meticulous craftsmanship and innovation, featuring a swiss made ‘ETA’ Cal.2824 automatic movement as its base. At first glance, the B020 “APOLAR” mesmerizes with its 1st layer dial, adorned with a captivating blue hue. Above the dial, a spherical design representation of the Earth and Moon creates a stunning three-dimensional visual effect. The key feature of the B020 “APOLAR” lies in its functionality. Positioned at the 12:00 mark, a dome-shaped globe representing the Earth rotates once every 24 hours, acting as a unique 24-hour indicator. 

Complementing this, a small spherical globe, attached to a sloped large rotating metal ring (held and turned by 3 gears) represent the Moon which will rotate around the Earth in a 28-Days cycle (*** It takes 27.32 days for the moon to rotate around the Earth per cycle). In the center of the dial, there is a 2- pointer hand to represent the time in seconds. Whereas the time in ‘Hours’ and ‘Minutes’ is being displayed by  

the 2 decentralized metal discs located at 7:00 and 5:00 positions, respectively. 

“The “APOLAR” represents a significant milestone for Behrens, as they push the boundaries of watch design and embrace creativity,“ said Soemantri Kusumadi , Director of Red Army Watches, a retailer of Behrens watches in Malaysia. “Behrens aims to provide watch enthusiasts with a fresh perspective on time-telling, inviting them to explore a harmonious blend of artistic expression and horological innovation“. 

The B020 “APOLAR” embodies Behrens’ unwavering dedication to offering distinctive timepieces that challenge conventional norms. With its captivating design and unparalleled craftsmanship, this watch sets a new benchmark in the world of horological aesthetics. 

BEHRENS watches will be available from Red Army Watches Pavilion KL & 1 Utama Shopping Centre.


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