TV vs The Big Screen Magic At Home

TV vs The Big Screen Magic At Home

In today’s society, we see a surging demand for digital screening as we move towards digitalization. Streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, HBO, and Amazon Prime have been increasingly popular, and are some of the most sought for platforms to stream movies, variety shows, documentaries as well as drama series.

During the start of the pandemic, we were unable to visit cinemas and enjoy movies on the big screen. We were all stuck at home, and could only stream movies on out television, laptop, and phone, which are smaller as compared to the big screen that cinemas have.

Although we are now allowed to go back into the cinemas but who wouldn’t want to achieve cinema experiences at the safety and comfort of their own homes? To do that, you could simply invest in projectors!

Projector EH-TW7000_4

There are many misconceptions of projectors and many would often think that projectors require high maintenance as they need regular servicing, a large space for it to work, difficult installation, and many more. However, those are all myths, and having a projector will benefit you in many ways too!

Here are 5 advantages of having a projector:

Large Images

When using a projector, it projects a larger image and allow us to see the graphics clearer. Using Epson’s Ultra Home Projectors, it allows us to have a detailed view of the screen allowing for immersive experience, hence bringing the feel of cinema right at home in our own couches and bed!

Eye comfort

Did you know that your eyes feel more comfortable when looking at projected images as compared to digital screens like televisions? This is due to the effect that reflected light has on our eyes, instead of emitted light from televisions.

With larger images, we would not need to strain our eyes as we stream movies and shows, because Epson’s Ultra Home Projectors allow us to adjust and shift the lens to our liking. Moreover, they offer good colour balance which brings a more pleasant viewing experience.


Many thinks that projectors are large and bulky which makes it hard to carry around wherever we go. In reality, if we look at the specifications of Epson’s projectors such as the Epson EpiqVision Mini EF-11 Laser Projection TV, it is compact with a dimension of 175 x 175 x 58 mm, on top of that it weighs approximately 1.2kg. It can be easily carried around and be used anywhere as long as there is electricity and a power plug.

Cost effective

Projectors are cost effective as they can last us for a number of years without the need of constant servicing. Essentially they are much more affordable as compared to a large-screen, high-resolution television set. Additionally, better projectors has great contrast ratios, hence better image quality, and that makes projectors significantly a better investment as compared to televisions.

Easy to install

They are easy to install and doesn’t require complicated set-up procedures. Epson has projectors that are easy to set-up such as the Epson Home Theatre TW750 Full HD 1080P 3LCD Projector. It is able to connect to our devices effortlessly through Bluetooth, which saves the trouble of plugging wires into our devices. Furthermore, all projectors need is a flat surface, plug into a power source, connect to your preferred device to stream whatever you like. Once the whole installation is completed, just sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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