TUMI Unveils its First-Ever Professional Esports Collection and Partners with The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition to Launch it to the Esports Community

18 May 2021 – TUMI, the leading international travel, lifestyle, and performance luxury brand, recently unveiled its first-ever pro-level Esports line of bags and  accessories. Pioneering  a  new  class  of  performance gear and welcoming in a new client base, TUMI consulted with  numerous  industry experts from game developers to professional esports athletes to help design top-of-the-line bags that meet, if not exceed, the needs of today’s gamers like none before.

In  developing  this  first-of-its-kind  line,   TUMI gained   unique   insight   as   to   what   every   gamer is   looking for when  it  comes to protecting their prized tech and gear.  True  to TUMI’s DNA, each style has been built to     last with the keenest eye for detail and superior functionality packaged in the sleekest design. From  the  aluminum zippers to  the  unique  organization  systems,  every  aspect  and  touchpoint  was  created  to  maximize functionality for the specific needs of gamers. TUMI wants the equipment Esports athletes and  hobbyists rely   on to   not   only survive   every   journey,  but   to   help   them   excel    whether that’s on    the road, behind the desk or being cheered on by fans.

In the latest extension of its ongoing partnership with ONE Esports, TUMI appeared on season one of The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition. In episode nine of the series, Adam  Hershman,  Vice  President, TUMI Asia Pacific and Middle East challenged the show’s contestants to work on a 360 degree global marketing rollout plan to launch the TUMI Alpha Bravo Esports Pro collection as the ultimate luxury esports collection.


Introducing TUMI Alpha Bravo Esports Pro collection


Showcasing TUMI’s innovative nature, various components of this collection have been crafted with high-performance recycled materials. Each piece is built to last, not only protecting the gear that matters most, but also the world’s natural resources with the integration of sustainable materials that meet TUMI’s rigorous testing standards. The use of abrasion-resistant coatings and TUMI’s signature ballistic  nylon  deliver superior durability. All of these innovations come together to deliver a refined line of travel and lifestyle essentials that fuel world-class gaming performance.

Esports Pro Large Backpack

Designed to meet all of your gaming needs on  the  go,  the Esports Pro Large Backpack is  designed  with elite Esports athletes in mind but offers functionality equally fit for players at any level. The unique collapsible shelves optimize organization and protection. The backpack also features a padded,expandable back pocket to hold multiple keyboards, a mouse, and other valuable tech essentials, while an additional padded laptop sleeve is located in the interior. A designated molded pocket on the top gives protection and quick access to headphones. Drives and other similarly sized accessories can be secured in the rigid, molded side pockets while the integrated USB port will help keep gamers powered on the go.


Esports Pro Sling, Esports Pro Accessories Case & Esports Pro Crossbody

When smaller devices are all one needs, TUMI offers compact designs including the Pro Sling, Pro  Accessories Case, and Pro Crossbody, with dimensions perfect for a handheld gaming console and peripherals. Additionally, there is a designated pocket that holds wireless earbuds. Even for  gaming  at  home, the ample pocket space and purposeful design allow for staying organized when off the road.

TUMI    realizes Esports    is    greater    than    the    game,    it’s    the    community.    Through     every     quest, gamers at their core are connected to others that share the same fervor for challenge, competition, and triumph. Inspired by the passion of the community and sharing the drive to excel, TUMI strives to be a part of every journey, because no matter how grand or small, each is always epic with TUMI.


Esports Pro Sling :


Esports Pro Accessories Case :


Esports Pro Crossbody :

Victor Sanz, Creative Director, TUMI:

“Our Global Citizens are engaged in a vast array of pursuits, beyond routine work and travel. For this collection, we looked towards those whose passion is gaming — just as innovation  is ours. We  channeled that vigor to create the ultimate collection for every gamer.

Now more than ever, we see gaming as an outlet to escape our realities, striving to be the champions we      all want to be. So, with guidance from those who know the industry best, we immersed ourselves into the gaming community and created innovative products they haven’t experienced yet. Each element was obsessed over and engineered to deliver optimized utility and enhance every champion’s journey.”


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