Ginza is one of Tokyo’s most prestigious districts known for its luxury boutiques. The reference district in Japan for the finest experiences and the excellence service as it offers the best selection of luxury and cultural activities. Located in the heart of the city, Ginza neighborhood becomes a true Hokosha Tengoku – literally pedestrian heaven – on weekends when the main artery is closed to traffic. It is also known for its contemporary architecture and its buildings designed with innovative and modern lines and shapes.

It is in this famous setting – just steps away from the emblematic Ginza 4-chome crossing and Higashi Ginza Crossing and mythical Kabuki theater – that Bell & Ross is opening its first Tokyo boutique.

The opening of this new boutique in the heart of one of the most dynamic capital cities in the world, only goes to highlight the importance that Bell & Ross places on international expansion, with the brand currently expanding in more than sixty countries.


Functionality in substance – timeless style in form. The surface reconnects with the brand’s guiding principle. This was the premise when the Creative Studio of Bell & Ross – directed by Bruno Belamich, co-founder of the brand – entirely designed the interior decor of the boutique.

Driven by the brand’s Manifesto where the essential is never compromised by the superfluous, the interior decor displays an uncluttered and modern design to offer a sense of transparency.

At a glance, the façade of the boutique asserts the brand’s philosophy and its corporate visual identity. The reference that inspired the design of this store: that of the world of aviation. Both window displays and display cabinets were imagined like airplane fuselages’ structures. Both light and resistant.

Each of the four outdoor showcases is associated with each of the brand’s four themes: aviation, diver, F1® and urban. Inside the boutique, all the models of the collection will be displayed. Indeed, it is one of the few places in the world where you can find the whole collection.



Before anything else, the first and main space is filled with mineral textures. The concrete floor is a reminiscent of tarmacs and aircraft hangars. It echoes the luminous bands on the ceiling that refer to the luminous signage of the landing strips. This area is interspersed with the use of black marble which symbolizes the precious and authentic aspects of the brand’s black emblematic color, the one of the dashboard. It contrasts perfectly with the immaculate white of the ceiling.

In the center of the store are two monolithic consoles. The first, designed in transparent glass and frosted plexiglass, stands as a luminous totem. It will be dedicated to the latest product releases. The second one, made of black marble, will highlight the most sophisticated and exclusive models of the collection.

The second space is warm and intimate, which gives pride of place to furniture designers. A customer dedicated area to look closer into the timepieces and its details while sitting on the sofa in the shape of a plane’s fuselage.

The warmth brought by the light oak on the wall and the softness of the luxurious white carpet complete this cozy atmosphere. The whole area contrasts perfectly with the coldness of the black matte marble columns and shelves – where props and collector items retrace the history of the company – and the hardness of the concrete. On the oak wall, three iconic black clocks indicate three different time zones corresponding to three countries dear to Bell & Ross: Geneva, the capital of watchmaking; Nyc, the capital of the world and Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Just like in airport lounges. Last but not least, the VIP area hosts a giant screen that will broadcast and tell all the stories of the brand and its novelties.

The whole space forms a balance where everything is in its place, its function. This decorative leaning reconnects with the world embodied by Bell & Ross – that of functionality, excellence and timelessness. Like a watchmaking brand in motion.



Since its beginning, Bell & Ross has forged a strong bond with the Land of the Rising Sun.

Bruno Belamich – Co-founder and Creative Director – grew up in the midst of the technological revolution, a period rich in terms of modernization. He took an interest in innovation and performance, at a time when the masters in those arts were bringing them from Japan. This explains his early fascination with that captivating country which presented an insight into the world of the future.

The establishment of the brand is nothing new to this country, where it has been present for nearly 25 years. In 2019, decades later, Bell & Ross set up branches in Japan, and coincides with the release of its new icon, BR 05. A strategic step in the brand’s history confirming its dynamic expansion. Two years later, in 2021, the brand is ready to explore its 1st official flagship store in the heart of Tokyo, Ginza in Japan.

Carlos-A. Rosillo, Bell & Ross’ CEO and Co-Founder, says: “We are very excited about this new addition to our international network of Boutiques. It sets a new milestone in the development of Bell & Ross in Japan, two years after the creation of our Subsidiary. Japan is a unique market because of its dramatic growth and reveals a significant sensitivity for luxury culture. We are looking forward to a closer contact with our final customers and aficionados in Tokyo.”

It is a continuous journey for the brand that is fueled by aspiration and the insatiable appetite for perfection, just like this Nation and its people. The opening of the latest Bell & Ross boutique is another step in upholding this vision. Dreams are the foundation of every great pursuit. More than merely lofty ambition; dreams take determination and hard work to realize.



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