The Slate Showcases Michelin-Recommended Southern Thai Cuisine with New Home Cooking Series

Chef Piak, the sous chef of Phuket’s art-inspired beachfront retreat and guardian of Black Ginger, reveals the secrets of her signature dish, hor mok talay, by allowing the resort’s fans and followers to recreate it in their own kitchens


A Thai culinary icon with over two decades of experience, Chef Anongrat “Piak” Meklai is The Slate’s sous chef and the guardian of Black Ginger, the celebrated Thai restaurant



PHUKET, THAILAND — While international travel remains off the menu, The Slate, the whimsical art-inspired beachfront resort on Phuket’s secluded northwest coast, is giving its guests – past and future – the opportunity to experience the authentic flavours of southern Thailand in the comfort of their own home.


The Slate is home to one of the world’s finest Thai restaurants, Black Ginger, which appears like an ancient Thai village floating above a tranquil lagoon and is only accessible by raft. In this enchanting setting, a talented culinary team led by Chef Anongrat “Piak” Meklai uses fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and contemporary cooking techniques to craft ancient recipes. The results are simply sensational and it is no surprise that this breath-taking dining destination has been recommended by the Michelin Guide.


Now, Chef Piak is inviting The Slate’s fans and followers, and all lovers of Thai food, to recreate her signature dishes in their own kitchens with a new home cooking series. The first recipe is hor mok talay – seafood pudding with red curry and coconut milk.


This delectable dish, which can be discovered at street-side stalls, family-run eateries and high-end restaurants all across Thailand’s southern provinces, embraces fresh seafood from the Andaman Sea, including shrimps, squid and red snapper, blended together with coconut milk, red curry paste, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, sugar and cha-plu leaves. The result is a blissfully decadent yet surprisingly light and fluffy mousse that perfectly balances sweet, sour, spicy, salty sensations. With so many flavours and fragrances, every bite will transport the diner’s taste buds back to the serene shores of Phuket.

Foodies can now learn how to make hor mok talay – seafood pudding with red curry and coconut milk – one of Chef Piak’s most popular signature dishes


Hor mok talay can be enjoyed alone as a highly satisfying snack or as a main course with jasmine rice. Chef Piak however, likes to serve it with a vibrant Southeast Asian salad of bok choy, shallots, spring onions, basil leaves, coriander, red chili, sugar, fish sauce and lime juice. As a seafood specialty, it is even more appetising when accompanied with a glass of cold, crisp white wine, such as Reisling.

CLICK HERE to view Chef Piak’s recipe card (just under her biography)!


“At Black Ginger, we pride ourselves on showcasing the finest southern Thai cuisine to the world. We really miss our guests, and especially seeing the smiles on their faces when they take their first bite of a delicious dish. That’s why we’ve revealed the recipe of hor mok talay, one of our most popular menu items, so our precious diners can enjoy a taste of The Slate without leaving home,” Chef Piak commented.


“The fantastic thing about hor mok talay is that it is not complicated to make, but it feels exotic and creates a sensory connection that crosses continents. Most of the ingredients should be easily available to buy in supermarkets, but guests can swap cha-plu leaves for salad leaves if necessary, and vegetarians can even use tofu instead of seafood. We hope that our fans and followers will show us their efforts on social media, and we can’t wait to welcome them all back to The Slate and Black Ginger as soon as possible,” she added.


The Slate’s celebrated sous chef and guardian of Black Ginger, Chef Piak has 28 years of Thai culinary experience and a deep passion for her craft. She takes pride in showcasing traditional recipes with complex flavours, such as hor mok talay, som tam and tom yum.


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