New Year, Same Choices? Here’s What Your Subway Order Says About You And How You Can Change Things Up For 2023

New Year, Same Choices Here’s What Your Subway Order Says About You And How You Can Change Things Up For 2023

The new year usually brings about a time of self reflection. We tend to look at our goals, what we’ve accomplished and also look within to see what we might need to change about ourselves. It’s also a time when we look at the regular choices that we make, because as the saying goes: “life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make, makes you.” 

As Malaysians, one of our biggest choices everyday is “what to eat today ah?” More often than not, we tend to end up having the same thing over and over. Take the choices we make at Subway for example: even with its wide variety of proteins, fresh veggies and yummy sauces, there are actually 39,000 different Sub combinations that you can have. However, most of us usually end up ordering the exact same thing. 

This new year, if you’re looking to change things up, explore the world a little more and be a bit more adventurous, why not start with something small like your food order? We’ve put together a quick list of what your Subway order says about you and how you can make a small choice to change things up this year.

If the Meatball Marinara is your Subway go-to, then you’re most likely a wholesome sweetheart. With yummy meatballs bathed in delicious, savoury tomato marinara, it’s often reminiscent of home-cooked comfort food. Likewise, you probably take comfort in the little things and are easy to please. 

Changing it up: If you’re looking to make some new choices this year, then how ‘bout trying something new like the Egg Mayo Sub instead? It’s also a classic favourite and is sure to also remind you of a simple homemade sandwich while giving you so many new ways to customise it with veggies and sauces of your choice.


Tuna Shadow copy

The Tuna Sub screams safe. If this is your go-to choice, then you’re probably not a risk-taker. Just like how you know the exact tastes and flavours to expect from Tuna, you probably also like to know exactly what to expect from life. You like to stick with the choices that you know work for you because you’re a creature of habit. This is not necessarily a bad thing! As they say, “if it ain’t broken, why fix it?” But you can probably stand to gain a thing or two from opening yourself up to new experiences – they just might surprise you.

Changing it up: We know that changing your entire Subway order might be a strict no-no for you, so how about starting small and adding on a little something that you don’t usually get? Subway has an assortment of veggies that you can choose from to jazz up your Sub so why not try adding on jalapenos, olives, or even some pickles aside from the regular veggies that you order. All you need is a little bit of each to take your Tuna Sub to the next level by adding just a little bit more bite and flavour. Remember, it’s all about the small choices we make!


Italian BMT Footlong

With the signature B.M.T. as your go-to Sub, you’re definitely an interesting person. Just like the B.M.T. has so many different textures with the three different proteins, veggies and sauces, you’ve also got many layers to your personality. You probably like to think about the intricacies of life and are always pushing the people around you to dig a little deeper and go a little further so that everyone can succeed.

Changing it up: To give yourself a Sub that’s just a little bit more awesome than your usual B.M.T., we’d suggest adding extra cheese and maybe adding some spice with some Hot Pepper sauce to your usual Italian B.M.T. It will definitely fill you up, add that extra zing and keep you wanting more!

Steak & Cheese


The Steak & Cheese Sub is filled with mouth-watering slices of tender steak with sauteed onions and green peppers, topped with melted cheese and your choice of crisp vegetables. Looking at that ingredient list alone, we can tell that you’re a classy one. You’re also probably the mom or dad friend of the group and are always looking out for others. You’re simple yet elegant and you’re the kind of person who knows precisely what they want and are willing to work for it.

Changing it up: Now this might be entirely different from what you’re used to, but we’d recommend you try the humble Chicken Teriyaki as a protein alternative the next time you go to a Subway Restaurant. We know it’s probably the polar opposite of your usual classy Steak & Cheese but why not let your guard down and give yourself a little break from the norm for the new year? Try it and let us know what you think!

Seafood Sensation

Anyone bold enough to order a Seafood Sensation Sub is definitely an adventurous soul. Filled with sweet, tender chunks of seafood blended with creamy, light mayonnaise to make a delightfully delicious sub, it’s definitely a unique choice – though anyone brave enough to try tends to fall in love with it. But not many are willing to make the very brave choice of having seafood on a Sub, so kudos to you!

Changing it up: For you daring go-getters, we’d recommend trying another special flavour: the Bulgogi Chicken Sub. Saucy and flavourful, the Bulgogi Chicken will be sure to steal your hearts and give you yet another favourite that will definitely make its way onto your usual orders this year!

Bonus Tip

J1259_Subway_Mala_0227_02_Chunky-Beef_6inch_cut-left_hires_CMYK (1)

The past three years have been hard for us, and for so many 2023 is the year that we’re going to go all out and finally live again. In the spirit of adventure, new beginnings and trying new things, Subway Malaysia has just launched their all new Mala Sub for those of you who are really looking to spice things up. Launched just in time for Chinese New Year, the Mala Sub will definitely refresh your tongue and singe your taste buds while fuelling you towards being more adventurous this year. It’s only available from 11th January till 21st March, so go grab yours today and bring up the heat for the new year!


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