Must-Try Japanese Dishes in Pavilion KL’s Tokyo Street

A trip to Japan may not be on the cards just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t whet your appetite and enjoy some authentic Japanese food at home!

In fact, some of Kuala Lumpur’s most authentic Japanese restaurants can be found right here at Pavilion KL’s Tokyo Street. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Tokyo Street brings a slice of Japan to the heart of Bukit Bintang!  As part of Tokyo Street’s 10th anniversary, savour favourites that will take your tastebuds straight to Japan. Irasshaimase!


#1- Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a popular traditional Japanese dish, consisting of batter, cabbage and a topping of your liking – be it pork, cheese or octopus. This grilled (teppanyaki) dish is decadent enough to keep you wanting more!

Head on over to Okonomi to try out this traditional treat!

Location: Okonomi, Level 6, Tokyo Street


#2 – Wagyu beef

Time to turn up the heat on some world-renowned Japanese meat!

Given the price tag that comes with a good steak, it’s important to pick the right place and right cut to splurge on. For some of the juiciest, quality Wagyu, we recommend heading to Okonomi and treating yourself to Chef Takeshi’s Australian Wagyu Sirloin. Under Chef Takeshi’s watchful eye, this luxurious piece of meat is grilled to tender perfection – talk about treating yourself!

Location: Okonomi, Level 6, Tokyo Street


#3 – Sashimi

If you’re in the mood for something fresh, clean and utterly *chef’s kiss*, then you can’t go past a few slices of sensational sashimi.

Check out Ichi Zen, famous for their thick, tender and fresh sashimi slices. Whether you go for the fatty salmon belly or some tantalising tuna, the best sashimi in town is just waiting for you to take a bite!

Location: Ichi Zen Japanese Restaurant, Level 6, Tokyo Street


#4 – Sesame Tofu

We couldn’t write this list without including Okonomi’s decadent sesame tofu. This unique creation by Okonomi’s Chef Takeshi is a truly indulgent experience, combining comforting velvety tofu with sesame to create a beautiful pudding-like consistency that just melts in your mouth!

Location: Okonomi, Level 6, Tokyo Street


#5 – Sushi

Are you searching for sensational sushi to maki your day? Roll on up to Ichi Zen for a selection of amazing sushi!

Whether you’re craving a classic California Roll (pictured), a crunchy Dragon Roll featuring deep-fried prawns, or an Unagi Crispy Roll, Ichi Zen has a variety of sushi rolls to make you feel soy good.


Ichi Zen Japanese Restaurant, Level 6, Tokyo Street


#6 – Matcha

Nestled in a little nook at Tokyo Street is Matcha Hero Kyoto, a Japanese tea store that brings you a truly authentic Japanese green tea experience. Whether you’re looking for a traditional cup of green tea or a double scoop of Noukou Matcha and Houjicha Ice Cream, this hidden gem is sure to matcha your cravings!

Location: Matcha Hero Kyoto, Level 6, Tokyo Street



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