MR D.I.Y. steps up to help families navigate new school year expenses

MR D.I.Y. steps up to help families navigate new school year expenses

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 FEBRUARY 2023 – Families across the country are gearing up for the start of the new school year in March, and nowhere is the challenge being felt more than in the area of expenses.

With costs rising, families are grappling with the need to ensure their children are fully-equipped with the essentials they need for school while still meeting other family necessities like food, rent and transport.

Recognising this, homegrown retailer MR D.I.Y. is stepping up to help families navigate these expenses by offering a wide range of school and learning essentials at their renowned promise of “Always Low Prices”.

On offer are essentials like the requisite black school shoes at RM 10.90 per pair [Normal Price RM15.90] and socks at RM2.10 per pair [NP: RM2.90 – RM3.10].  There are also branded colour pencils at RM8.30 [NP: RM10.90], pens in sets of 4 at RM2.50 [NP: RM3.30] and tote bags at RM6.90 [NP: 8.90].  Children will also love the wide range of Botella water bottles in a variety of colours from RM11.90 (1L) and RM 14.50 (1.5L) [NP: RM16.90 – RM19.90].

There are many other school-related products on offer at MR D.I.Y. stores with discounts up to 30%, including school attire, stationary, school lunch sets, personal protective equipment, and sports equipment. In addition to these items, MR. DOLLAR stores also carry school snacks at affordable prices.

The initiative runs from February 20 through to 19 March 2023, perfect for the new school year, which begins 20 March 2023.

Announcing the initiative, MR D.I.Y. Group Head of Marketing, Alex Goh said, “At MR D.I.Y, we believe that every child should be able to fully benefit from learning, without having to worry about having the school essentials they need.  And likewise, parents should be able to focus on their children’s learning without having to worry about expenses. Our strong direct partnerships with manufacturers allows us to make these school essentials available at “always low prices”.  Happy and fulfilled children are important to the future of our country, and no where is this more critical than at school. It’s our way of ensuring a sustainable future for all.”

For more information about MR D.I.Y., visit, e-commerce platform,, Facebook, and Instagram.


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