Media Statement by the Content Forum on New Film Classifications

Media Statement by the Content Forum on New Film Classifications

CYBERJAYA, 3 FEBRUARY 2023 — The Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (Content Forum) applauds the Film Censorship Board (Lembaga Penapis Filem or LPF) for expanding its film classifications to match the current media landscape.

We greatly welcome LPF’s move towards self-regulation in keeping ahead of the rapidly evolving times. These updated film classifications will empower audiences to make informed choices about their content consumption, and allow them to self-regulate according to their own needs and preferences. Additionally, they offer clear guidelines for protecting children and other vulnerable groups from viewing unsuitable material. 

In today’s world, the abundance of content from various sources makes it unrealistic to rely solely on state censorship to control what is disseminated. Instead, it’s important for individuals and communities to take responsibility for self-regulation and ensure that the content they produce and consume aligns with their values and standards. 

However, this does not mean abandoning all forms of regulation, as there still needs to be a measure of accountability to prevent harm and ensure that basic ethical principles are upheld. Thus, a balance must be struck between individual freedom and collective responsibility, which is what we advocate for at the Content Forum via the Content Code. 

We appreciate LPF’s efforts in supporting our goal of encouraging greater self-regulation among the public and local content creators, and look forward to more initiatives that will ensure a dynamic, safe, and inclusive content landscape in Malaysia.

Kenny Ong

Chairman, Content Forum

3 February 2023


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