DIY made possible for all Malaysians, at MR D.I.Y.

DIY made possible for all Malaysians, at MR D.I.Y.

KUALA LUMPUR, 03 FEBRUARY 2023 – The rising cost of living and materials, and the increase in workmen rates are driving many Malaysians to turn to do-it-yourself [D-I-Y] projects to keep their homes up to date and in good repair.  The lockdown during the pandemic also inspired many to start their own home improvement projects, relying on YouTube videos and other DIY-er’s to teach them the tips, tricks and techniques needed.

This in turn has resulted in a growing interest in stocking up on useful tools and supplies, to ensure these are always ready at hand at home for the next DIY project.  Understanding this, Malaysia’s largest home improvement retailer and a favourite of DIY-ers and handymen around the country has announced its first ‘MR D.I.Y Hardware Mega Sale’ at its more than 1,080 stores nationwide.

The more than a month-long sale, which runs until February 28, 2023, includes up to 30 percent discounts on a wide range of hardware products.

Popular and reputable brands on sale include PROFIXMAN, FIGHTER, TIESHEN, WORTH, INGCO, HOTAK, and MR. D.I.Y., with products including rotary hammers, impact drills, angle grinders, car polishers, cordless screwdrivers, electric drills, power drill sets, artificial grass, spray paints, sprayers, spray pistol nozzles, door knob and lock sets, staple guns, sink taps, towel racks, bidet spray sets, and hot glue guns.

The hardware products on special offer include PROFIXMAN Cordless Screwdriver Drill Set (3.6V) at RM55.00 each [NP: RM83.00], and MR. D.I.Y. Flexi Pillar Sink Tap at RM31.00 [NP: RM47.00] each.

Announcing the campaign, MR D.I.Y. Group’s Head of Marketing Alex Goh said, “In Malaysia, mention DIY to any DIY enthusiast, and chances are, they will be our customers.  DIY-ers around the country know that they can turn to us for all their DIY and home improvement needs, at always low prices.  This ‘MR D.I.Y Hardware Mega Sale’ is both a way to reward our loyal DIY-ers, who come to us again and again for their supplies, as well as to provide new DIY-ers an avenue to stock up on tools, equipment, and supplies they need to successfully DIY at home. We have an extensive range of DIY tools from reputable brands plus our own range of MR D.I.Y-branded products, all at very affordable prices.  With this effort, we aim to make DIY a way of life for all Malaysians — just one of the ways we are adding value to the lives of the rakyat in these challenging times.”

For more information on the ‘MR D.I.Y. Hardware Mega Sale’ and other MR D.I.Y products and promotions , visit MR D.I.Y.’s website,, e-commerce platform,, and its social media channels, Facebook and Instagram.


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