The AIKON Automatic Limited Summer Edition swaps city life for vacation vibes while still remaining true to the  classical model’s urban-themed design language. Inspired by Calypso, the brand’s iconic model of the 90s, the  AIKON has proved hugely popular. The advent of these latest AIKON models promises to perpetuate the success  story. Available in three sizes and offered in various summery dial options with matching rubber straps, Maurice 

Lacroix tempts stylish individuals to sport a new look at the beach this year

Launched in 2016, the AIKON has become synonymous with urban style. With its circular bezel, featuring six  prominent arms, and integrated bracelet, this iconic watch befits the grand boulevards of the world’s great  metropolises. However, even city dwellers occasionally like to escape to the beach and bask in the summer sun.  

Maurice Lacroix revisits the AIKON Automatic, a classical model first released in 2018, by embracing a fun-filled palette  of summer-inspired hues. Each reference features a Clous de Paris dial motif, presented in a matte execution. This latter  finish subtly tempers the exuberance of the summery dial hues, delivering an eminently elegant appearance. 

This season’s Limited Summer Editions come in a choice of three case sizes, each endowed with their own unique  characteristics. The 35mm case option is available with a Ballerina Pink dial, a colour that resembles the appearance  of the night sky just before the sun goes down. Alternatively, would-be wearers can opt for a dial dressed in Tanager  Turquoise, a colour reminiscent of shallow ocean water. Both models employ a combination of batons and diamond-set  indexes to denote the hours. 

The 39mm Limited Summer Edition proffers universal appeal, suiting both male and female wrists. Once again,  Ballerina Pink or Tanager Turquoise endue the model with a dose of sun-kissed charm and youthful vitality. Maurice  Lacroix devotees will recognise the AIKON’s attractive design language and appreciate the model’s legendary ergonomic  prowess, traits which have contributed to its remarkable success.  

Topping off the Limited Summer Edition suite of models are two ebullient references housed in 42mm steel cases.  Once again, the Tanager Turquoise dial hue makes an appearance, but this time it is joined by a high-spirited  Orange Soda dial option. This latter shade echoes the tone of the midday sun and exhibits an energetic character  that remains undiminished even when clouds appear. Consistent with all Limited Summer Edition models, the Orange  Soda dial indicates the hours, minutes, seconds and date, but eschews silver accents in favour of black tones, a  subtle detail that augments cohesion. 

Matching FKM rubber straps repeat the vibrant dials of these Limited Summer Edition models. Sophisticated and bright,  each watch and strap combination is guaranteed to sate the desires of the most fashionable beach dweller. When  contrasted with regular rubber, FKM rubber delivers superior flexibility, augmenting wearer comfort. In addition, FKM  rubber offers greater wear-resistance and the colour is less susceptible to fading. Every rubber strap incorporates the  company’s ‘M’ logo. 

In addition to the FKM rubber strap, all Limited Summer Edition models come supplied with a 5-row stainless steel  bracelet. As with all AIKON watches, these models feature the brand’s Easy Strap Exchange System, providing a  simple, user-friendly means of swapping the strap for the bracelet without the need for tools. 

Consistent with other Maurice Lacroix watches, the AIKON Automatic Limited Summer Edition models harness the Swiss  brand’s impressive watchmaking expertise and deliver high perceived value. Each reference is limited to 888 pieces  and will be seen adorning this season’s most stylish wrists.  


For almost 50 years, Maurice Lacroix has demonstrated all of its watchmaking expertise, crafting watches  within the brand’s Manufacture in Saignelégier, Switzerland. Having won more than fifteen awards, the brand  has demonstrated an innovative, avant-garde and perfectionist spirit over the years. Maurice Lacroix’s culture  is indeed to offer affordable watches, with iconic design and high perceived value. In 2016, Maurice Lacroix  reinterpreted its iconic model of the 90s, the Calypso, releasing the AIKON. Modern and daring, the AIKON is  made for a generation of Millennials who are connected, cosmopolitan and talented. This ambitious generation  is setting out to conquer the world’s cities, embracing their unique spirit. A constant source of inspiration for  the Maurice Lacroix creative team, an active and urban brand, that thrives in the electric energy of these cities.  With this in mind, Maurice Lacroix chooses to associate its image with a set of activities that allow consumers to  experience the unique vitality of city life.



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