MAGGI Inspires Malaysians Towards Balanced Eating with “Sajian Seimbang Tanda Sayang” Campaign

MAGGI Inspires Malaysians Towards Balanced Eating with “Sajian Seimbang Tanda Sayang” Campaign

Every balanced meal prepared reflects love and care for the family. Premised on this, MAGGI introduced its ‘Sajian Seimbang Tanda Sayang’ (A Balanced Bowl is a Serving of Love) campaign today to advocate balanced eating amongst Malaysians, as well as celebrating a mother’s culinary inventiveness in preparation of healthier meals for her family. The campaign roll out is a prelude to a series of public awareness initiatives with the aim of inspiring Malaysians to eat in a balanced way.

Inspired by the Malaysian Healthy Plate (MHP) guide by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, MAGGI launched the “Sajian Seimbang Tanda Sayang” campaign to inspire Malaysian mothers to create affordable and tasty home-cooked meals using MAGGI noodles by simply adding a source of protein and vegetables to achieve a balanced meal. The MHP, based on the ‘Suku Suku Separuh’ (Quarter Quarter Half) concept, is a visual guide aimed at helping individuals plan their portions to achieve a balanced meal – comprising ¼ plate filled with carbohydrate sources such as noodles, rice, bread, cereals; ¼ plate filled with protein sources such as egg, tofu, meat, seafood or even plant-based protein solutions; and ½ plate filled with vegetables or fruits.

At the media event held at MAGGI’s Masak Masak Kitchen today, the launch of MAGGI’s “Sajian Seimbang Tanda Sayang” campaign headlined a cooking demo session by celebrity mom, entrepreneur and food enthusiast, Sheila Rusly, who showcased her family’s favourite bowl of MAGGI noodles, which can be easily whipped up with readily available ingredients. “The key to a delicious, balanced meal lies in utilising simple ingredients, and adding your own special touch to adapt it to your family’s preference – all coming together with love, care and warmth,” quipped Sheila.

Ms. Geetha Balakrishna, Business Executive Officer of MAGGI, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad said, “We are excited to roll out MAGGI’s “Sajian Seimbang Tanda Sayang” campaign to celebrate all individuals, especially mothers, who have always been inventive in providing tasty balanced meals for her family, despite time and financial challenges for some.

Geetha Balakrishna, Nana Mahazan and Sheila Rusly checking out media representative’s balanced bowl with MAGGI 2-Minute Noodles (L-R)

The campaign aims to promote tasty and healthy food choices through integrating 3 core elements – MAGGI noodles as a good source of carbohydrates, fresh ingredients and of course, mums’ special touch. “From a humble bowl of noodles filled with gratitude for the things that we have, to the moments created around a bowl of MAGGI, it is mums’ creativity that makes all the difference. This is truly in line with MAGGI’s brand promise of helping Malaysians to Cook the Difference, empowering them to cook balanced homemade meals for their loved ones,” added Geetha.

MAGGI nutritionist, Ms Leong Ven Luan shares, “A balanced meal is important as it helps ensure adequate portion and nutrition intake from various food groups to support our health and well-being. Aside from rice being our staple food, MAGGI instant noodles is a tasty and convenient carbohydrate base to prepare a balanced meal for the family. All one needs to do is add vegetables and protein sources to MAGGI instant noodles to make a balanced meal, in accordance with the ‘Suku Suku Separuh’ concept of the Malaysian Healthy Plate.”

MAGGI instant noodles which is made of 100% Australian wheat is a good source of carbohydrates and protein, and is produced under stringent manufacturing processes. MAGGI’s instant noodles also offer many tasty flavours including Curry, Asam Laksa, Tom Yam and Chicken, with its MAGGI curry flavour made from a selected blend of 12 spices. It is then slowly cooked until the oil separates (pecah minyak), releasing the taste and aroma of the signature, distinctive MAGGI curry taste.

MAGGI Inspires Malaysians Towards Balanced Eating

The food landscape has changed significantly in recent years. While consumer trends indicate a growth in healthier lifestyles, findings on Malaysians’ eating habits paint a different picture. The National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019 indicated that while 20% of adults in Malaysia are aware of the Malaysian Healthy Plate guide, only 14% out of that are applying it in their daily lives. It was also revealed that 9 in 10 adults and children (Koo et al., 2016) do not consume sufficient fruits and vegetables daily.

As Malaysia transitions into the endemic phase, approximately 46% of Malaysians plan to continue cooking at home in the new normal. Individuals with busy lifestyles are turning to “fast and convenient” meals – one being Malaysian’s favourite comfort food – instant noodles. A study by Kantar Worldpanel FY21 revealed that instant noodles is the 8th top dish in Malaysia and 44% of instant noodles consumption happens during main meals.

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