iQiyi Rewards Customers With Amazing Malay Dramas and ‘Strim & Menang’ Campaign this festive season

iQiyi Rewards Customers With Amazing Malay Dramas and ‘Strim & Menang’ Campaign this festive season

KUALA LUMPUR, 28 March 2022 – As the holy month of Ramadan and Hari Raya fast approaches, iQiyi is all geared up to kick start the festive season with a line-up of must-watch titles that are binge-worthy.

Amazing Malay dramas on iQiyi 

As a thank you to its loyal and valuable VIP subscribers, Asia’s leading on-demand video streaming service, iQiyi unveils three Malay dramas Bila Hati Memilih Dia, 7 Hari Mencintaiku 3, and Kerana Aku Isteri Bidaan. These three new shows will be available to stream throughout this festive season.

A drama adaptation from Wan Nur Najihah’s novel, Bila Hati Memilih Dia, is a romance drama featuring Aedy Ashraf and Eyka Farhana. Starring well-loved cast members like Shukri Yahaya and Siti Saleha, 7 Hari Mencintaiku 3 is back for its third season following two successful seasons before it. Fans will be delighted to know that this 35-episode season is back with more drama and excitement.. Not forgetting the gripping drama Kerana Aku Isteri Bidaan, starring well-known artists Hisyam Hamid and Scha Elinnea.

That’s not all, as fans of Malay content can also catch these local all-time favourite titles that are now streaming on iQiyi – 7 Hari Mencintaiku 2, 7 Hari Mencintaiku, Cukup Derita Itu, Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu, Sabarlah Duhai Hati, Cinta Sekali Lagi and Pengantin Satu Malam. If you have not watched these highly-acclaimed titles then this is your chance to binge watch them.

Brand New Korean, Chinese Dramas and Anime Shows

In addition to this, more new Korean, Chinese dramas and anime are coming to fans this April.Get ready to see well-loved Korean star Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Seol-hyun as they star in The Murderer’s Shopping List while Lee Sung-Kyung (from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo) and Kim Young-Dae (from Penthouse) star in Shooting Stars. Meanwhile, catch Zhou Jie Qiong in action in the upcoming Chinese drama Be My Princess and Feng Shaofeng in Life is a Long Quiet River. Meanwhile, anime lovers can anticipate not one, not two but five new titles to binge on. The titles are – Kuroko’s Basketball Season 1 to Season 3, Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto, Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions!, Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions! – Heart Throb- Maid Sama! and Tokyo Ghoul.

iQiyi Customer Appreciation Month Celebration: “Strim & Menang” 55” Prism+ TV!   

In conjunction with the festive months ahead and to reward its valuable and loyal customers, iQiyi will be having a ‘Strim & Menang’ Campaign that will run between 1st April to 8th May. Simply go to watching some dramas, the viewers will stand a chance to win some fantastic prizes like 55” Prism+ TV, vivo phones, the exclusive ‘money can’t buy’ 7 Hari Mencintaiku novel autographed by the author Siti Rosmizah and more are up for grabs.

How to win? Just complete simple tasks on iQiyi, collect points and redeem prizes. Yes, it is that simple! The more you watch the more you stand to gain. From watching your favourite dramas to following iQiyi on social media, simple tasks like these earn participants points. So, complete all unique tasks lined up every day to rack up those points and redeem some fantastic prizes, for more information please check out iQiyi app starting from 1 April.

This campaign is also done in lieu of iQiyi’s Customer Appreciation Month, in a bid to reward customers and also thank its VIP subscribers. Aside from that, iQiyi also has a line-up of binge-worthy series and anime all set to entertain viewers in this festive season. The not-to-be missed titles are as below:


Bila Hati Memilih Dia

28 March 2022

After being accused of attempting to kidnap Nufail, Adra has lose interest to continue working as Nufail’s babysitter as she has to deal with Nufail’s father, Nazril. But due to one incident, Adra is forced to marry Nazril.

7 Hari Mencintaiku 3

Coming Soon!

In this love story, Khuzairi and Mia Adriana’s marriage is put to the test when Khuzairi meets with an accident that causes him to be paralysed. While dealing with his unfavourable situation, he soon became hot tempered and struggled with his insecurities of not being able to become the perfect husband and father. As this unfolds, Pak Samad who is sick is then wheeled into the operating theater with a secret kept from his family. They uncovered the secret in a letter that asks them to find the meaning of true love in seven days.

Kerana Aku Isteri Bidaan

Coming Soon!

In a bid to escape the clutches of an avoid marriage to a widower, Haji Meon, who is the same age as her father, Raian Badrina makes up a false claim out of desperation that she has been impregnated by a clueless Farel Zafeeq forcing him to marry her. On the night of their wedding, things took an unexpected turn as Raina eloped with her real boyfriend Aznor. In another twist of events, Aznor who is actually a pimp, sold Raina to the highest bidder. As fate shall have it, Raina reunites with Farel at a bar. Upon learning what had happened to her, he put in a bid to buy Raina out from the brothel. However, as he was still fuelled by rage and embarrassment about what happened in the past, he bought her with the aim of torturing her instead of saving her. 

My Ofis

iQiyi Original

26 May 2022 

It is a light-hearted sitcom that centers around the challenges of Jasper, a rockstar wannabe who chooses to let go of his rock and roll fame to support his single mother by turning to a corporate life. Jasper discovers the chaos and crazy antics of ordinary work life, romance and the struggles of office politics. Deep down, he still longs for life on stage. 

Korean Dramas


31 March

Siwon Cha, who was often ridiculed for being ugly when he was younger, was determined to change how he looked. As he grew older, he slowly changed his appearance and gained popularity. His aim was solely to be noticed by everyone wherever he went. However when he entered university, he met with another King of popularity, Daun Hyeong, who is literally the whole package – appearance, personality, family and grades. Directed by director and screenwriter Hwang Da Seul, famous for the Korean movie Where Your Eyes Linger.

The Murderer’s Shopping List

21 Apr

Join Lee Kwang Soo (Ahn Dae-sung) and Kim Seol-hyun (Do Ah-hee) as they set out in search of the murderer after a body was found near Kim’s apartment.

Shooting Stars

23 Apr

Follow the love story between Lee Sung-kyung (from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo) and Kim Young-Dae (from Penthouse) as they share a love-hate relationship. One is a famous sensation while the other is the PR team leader of the management agency.

Chinese Dramas

Be My Princess

iQiyi Exclusive

Now Streaming! 

Suave and handsome award-winning actor Mu Yanzhou (Xu Zhengxi, Loving the Earth) wakes up with fragmented memories following an unfortunate mishap. Mu mistakenly believes that he is a court official from ancient China and that Ming Wei (Zhou Jieqiong, Sunny Sister) is his ‘princess’. Despite everything, their love blossoms in a hilarious mix-up of ancient traditions set in modern times.

Life is a Long Quiet River

Now Streaming! 

Revel in the story of old Shanghai that is told through the eyes of two sisters-in-law – Feng Xiaoqin and Ge Qingyu. Follow them in their day-to-day life as they bond over their differences and come together to get through the complexities of daily life.

Brilliant Class 8

1 Apr

A once popular celebrity Xiang Dongnan suddenly meets an unlucky turn of events as he got involved in ugly rumours and got tricked by his assistant and principal of a secondary school into becoming a teacher under the guise of a fake reality show in a bid to change his bad reputation. Despite eventually learning that this was all a lie and his comeback was nowhere in sight, he still chose to stay on to fulfill his contract and teach his students diligently. There, he witnessed the growth of his students as he helped them overcome difficulties. Unexpectedly, he also found love in the process.

My Sassy Princess

Coming Soon!

Follow the love story of spoiled Princess Chang Le, Liu Ling and martial artist Chen Yan as they were brought together by fate.

Love in a Loop

Coming Soon!

This unique drama uncovers the truth of a workplace where the boss died due to his employees’ resentment in order to escape the cycle of time.


The Rising of the Shield Hero
Season 1

 Now Streaming!

Naofumi Iwatani is summoned to another universe where he learns that he i s one of four heroes. Equipped with legendary weapons and tasked to save the world, he has to rise to become the legendary Shield Hero!

Kuroko’s Basketball
Season 1 -3

1 April

Kuroko reunites with the “Generation of Miracles” when their former rivals are humiliated in an exhibition game against a notorious street basketball team.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

1 April

Sakamoto is a genius who is well liked by both girls and boys. Despite the strange situations he often finds himself in, Sakamoto always manages to fix the problem while still being over the top. This makes the first-year high school student Sakamoto not only cool, but the coolest!

Love. Chunibyo and Other Delusions!

1 April

The series follows a high school boy named Yūta Togashi, who tries to rid his past embarrassing grandiose delusions, until he meets a girl named Rikka Takanashi, who exhibits her own signs of chūnibyō syndrome.

Love. Chunibyo and Other Delusions – Heartthrob

1 April

Yuta Togashi joins a new high school just to run away from feelings of    embarrassment after falsely believing that he is blessed with supernatural powers. He needed to escape his past and everyone who knows about it.

Maid Sama!

1 April

An infamous all-boys high school, Seika High, for its rowdy students has recently turned into a co-ed school. Even so, the female population remains a minority even after a few years However, this did not stop Misaki Ayuzawa from working hard to make the school a better place for girls.

My Hero Academia the Movie

Japan’s greatest heroes must work together to track down the mastermind behind a deadly chemical attack.



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