Introducing Oris Calibre 400

Oris sets a new standard with an innovative in-house automatic movement.

Today is a historic day for Oris. And it’s with great pleasure that we invite you, a friend of Oris, to share in it, and to discover our latest creation, Oris Calibre 400. Calibre 400 was conceived and developed here in the Oris Hölstein factory. It’s an automatic with:

elevated levels of anti-magnetism,
a five-day power reserve and
a 10-year warranty.

That makes it the new standard in Swiss Made automatic mechanical movements. And because it’s made by Oris, it’s produced using the same principles that were laid out by our founders in 1904, namely bringing the best industrial techniques and the finest hand-craftsmanship together to make the best possible watch at the best possible price. That made sense over a century ago, and it still makes sense now.

Oris Calibre 400. The new standard.


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