Celebrating local Singaporean creativity and diversity 

Dao by Dorsett AMTD Singapore is a new aparthotel concept celebrating the  creativity and diversity of Singapore. Representing an exciting new hospitality approach for a new  era of travel, the property is the group’s first location in Asia. Rebranded from Oakwood Premier  AMTD Singapore, the hotel is located at OUE Downtown in Singapore’s vibrant business district.  

Socially and locally driven, its ‘aparthotel’ model lets guests enjoy their own custom living space  in 268 fully serviced apartments alongside multiple touchpoints to interact with their local  environment. 

Translating into English as ‘the way’, Dao by Dorsett is inspired by the Chinese word ‘’ and the  belief that every person, and every traveller, should be able to create their own path towards harmony. Dao by Dorsett AMTD Singapore will allow guests to ‘live your way, anywhere’ through the brand’s three attributes: Harmonious, Custom-Fit and Social.  

Upon arrival, guests will immediately be immersed in Dao by Dorsett’s Harmonious approach to  check-in by being invited to visit the custom-built Dao Plant Library presented by The Botanist &  Her Thieves. Developed for both first-time plant parents and green-fingered connoisseurs, guests  can adopt their own houseplant to look after during their stay. They will have the opportunity to  learn about their chosen plant, and care tips from Singaporean-founded The Botanist & Her  Thieves, who have a mission to make houseplants accessible and enjoyable for all.

Dao - Inroom Plants

Dao by Dorsett has established carefully curated collaborations to empower guests with choice  and flexibility throughout their stay. Guests can Custom-Fit their stay to suit their preferences,  whether it’s booking a wellness suite, opting for pet-friendly amenities in-room or a playtime set up for younger guests, or ordering tailored fresh produce boxes to cook in-room. All guest  experiences are in collaboration with specially curated local partners, chosen to showcase the  best of Singapore.  

The hotel is Social, looking to create a community which celebrates local brands and emerging  talent while offering guests a chance to make genuine connections with the city. This begins with  an introduction to the local art scene through a collaboration with Wasuka Art who are curating a  botanical art programme to complement the plant library. Food and beverage partnerships include 

a collaboration with Green Common who have created a plant-based menu for the property’s in house restaurant, Collective, and a partnership with Singapore’s first fully-fledged distillery, Brass  Lion Distillery. A further exciting element will include a new sky bar concept, coming to the outdoor  deck by the end of 2022.  

Winnie Chiu, Dorsett Hospitality International President, commented: “Dao translates into English  as ‘the way’ and emphasises how our Dao by Dorsett hotels will pave the way in letting our  independent, dynamic guests explore the community and immerse themselves in the local area.  The extensive range of partnerships we have in our first Asian property, in Singapore, are  testament to our belief in this approach. 

The value of connections in life is more priceless than ever, so by offering a longer-stay option  with thoughtful services and amenities, our guests will be able to maximise their time reconnecting 

with friends, loved ones and the local community when they travel as the world continues to work  together towards recovery!” 

Developed by leading Asia hotel group Dorsett Hospitality International, Dao by Dorsett offers a  new and thoughtful way to travel.


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