HappyFresh Supermarket Unveils Cheapest in Town Campaign to help Malaysians Cope with Rising Inflation

HappyFresh Supermarket Unveils Cheapest in Town Campaign to help Malaysians Cope with Rising Inflation
  • HappyFresh formally introduces HappyFresh Supermarket to the local media and public at Kuala Lumpur. 
  • The online grocery platform aims to help shoppers suffering from raising inflation and surging cost of living by offering a new Cheapest in Town campaign.

Kuala Lumpur, 5 July 2022 – HappyFresh, the fastest-growing online grocery platform in Southeast Asia (SEA) officially introduced HappyFresh Supermarket with a media launch at the Grounds, MAHSA Avenue, Kuala Lumpur. HappyFresh Supermarket aims to provide an easy and convenient online grocery shopping with Free Delivery and No Out-of-Stock moments. It launched in early 2022, and now is a leading supermarket under HappyFresh, alongside other nation-wide supermarket chains.

HappyFresh understands that consumers are now more product and price-conscious. They are looking for a brand that provides reliable solutions to meet their specific grocery needs. Based on the data and knowledge, HappyFresh has a better understanding on how to address the exact needs of the customers. HappyFresh Supermarket with area coverages in Batu Caves, Setia Alam, Petaling Jaya, Klang, Bangsar, Ampang, and Kajang, enables access to over 15,000 stock-keeping units (or SKUs) of fresh, dry, and frozen products in its inventory within three closely monitored temperature zones.

Johan Antlov, Chief Growth Officer of HappyFresh, stated, “We believe that customers should have the opportunity to have more options to pick from a wide range of products, freshly handpicked with affordable prices, and without having to worry about its quality. The product assortment is continuously evolving to meet customer’s needs, and all items undergo strict quality control to ensure the freshness.”

HappyFresh also unveiled their mid-year HappyFresh Supermarket promotion campaign, Cheapest in Town, with discounts of up to 60% off items until September. Customers can maximize savings and gain more value for the money spent on groceries by replacing traditional grocery shopping hassles with grocery shopping at their fingertips. In addition, free delivery is provided for all HappyFresh Supermarket customers.


“HappyFresh Supermarket aims to deliver the best e-grocery experience at affordable prices to our customers. Our ‘Cheapest in Town’ campaign aims to help our customers in combating rising inflation and cost of living while getting all their necessary groceries for their families, with the cheapest pricing we exclusively offer on HappyFresh Supermarket. We hope that through these promotions and discounts that we are offering, people are able to benefit from a lower cost of living immensely,” added Johan.

Attendees were offered an all-paid-for HappyFresh Supermarket shopping experience and witnessed the convenience, reliability and quality of products delivered first-hand via the HappyFresh app. Attendees were asked to place their grocery orders at the start of the event and orders were successfully delivered by HappyFresh Riders before the event adjourned.


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