Gamuda Land Previews SplashMania Waterpark to Open in January 2023


Set in Gamuda Cove, it promises to be an exciting addition to Malaysia’s tourism industry

PETALING JAYA, Selangor – Gamuda Land previewed its SplashMania Waterpark to media, authorities  and key partners today. Targeted for opening in January 2023, the 18-acre waterpark at its Gamuda Cove township will comprise 24 thrilling water slides and 15 key attractions, with some being the first-of-its-kind  waterslide experiences in Malaysia – including a Virtual Reality waterslide.  

“The addition of the SplashMania Waterpark will not only benefit residents from Gamuda Cove, but its surrounding communities and Malaysia at large with a projected annual visitorship of 800,000. The  waterpark will allow us to reach out to an untapped eco-tourism opportunity in the Southern Klang Valley  region in line with Tourism Selangor’s plan,” said Chu Wai Lune, Chief Operating Officer of Gamuda Land,  adding that Gamuda Cove’s strategic location along the ELITE Expressway at the southern corridor of Klang  Valley, as well as its proximity to the KLIA and KLIA2 will make it highly accessible to both local and overseas  tourists.  

SplashMania Waterpark – Where Nature Meets Fun 

Gamuda Cove is also located between the lush Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands and the Kuala Langat Forest  Reserves. Drawing inspiration from its surrounding environment, SplashMania will be shaded by more than  1,500 trees including native and endangered tree species that will provide respite from Malaysia’s tropical  climate.  

At the unveiling ceremony, Sanjay Nadarajah, General Manager (Leisure & Hospitality) of Gamuda Land,  said, “’Where Nature Meets Fun’ forms the essence of SplashMania Waterpark. Taking into consideration  the natural setting of the waterpark and the surrounding wetlands, we ensured that we dedicate 70% of  the waterpark to green spaces.” 

The rides and slides in SplashMania are designed by Polin Waterparks and ProSlide Technology who are  trusted global leaders as slide developers with exceptional technology and innovative safety records. 

First-of-its-kind waterslides in Malaysia 

The Shaka Waka is a 78-meter-long multimedia and audio waterslide fitted with various LED light effects  which can be customised by each individual rider prior to entry to the attraction before splashing in the  pool at the end.  

For adrenalin pumping seekers, the Wild Rush waterslide is a mix of back-to-back curves, drops, and vortex  loops, quickly accelerating vertical and compound curves throughout the ride from start to finish. It will end  as you plunge into a 3.35-meter-deep pool.  

Meanwhile, the Atlantis VR is an immersive experience beyond just the ordinary waterslide rides. Guests  will be presented with a Virtual Reality headgear and imagine being in a completely different world as they  begin their 250-meter virtual journey through the Lost City of Atlantis. 

As part of the preview, Gamuda Land announced that it will introduce its GL Play mobile application when  the waterpark opens as part of the parks digitalisation efforts to offer convenience to its visitors and  customers. When launched, customers would be able to purchase their tickets ahead of time via the  application’s booking platform. It will also allow park goers to navigate through the waterpark using the 

park map feature and pre-order their F&B to avoid queues. 

Gamuda Cove, a nature sanctuary & smart city 

With more than 25 years of town-making experience, Gamuda Land has always invested upfront to ensure  that its townships can stand the test of time. One of the key hallmarks for Gamuda Land is a central park  in all of its township developments.  

“By listening to what the land has to tell us, we are passionate about working with nature to restore the  land to what it was before us – be it careful selection of native tree species, our target of planting 1 million  trees, having permeable pathways to mitigate flood and more,” Chu explained.  

In the last five years, Gamuda Land has also started investing upfront in placemaking – activating the places  within its townships so the community will have places where they can come out, be in the embrace of  nature and get to know their neighbours.  

Launched in 2018, Gamuda Cove spans across 1,530 acres of mindfully planned township. Prior to delivery  of its homes, Gamuda Land has ensured that the highway interchange is in place, a 60-acre pet-friendly  central park is ready, tree-lined streets and dedicated bicycle tracks are ready.  

The township also brings together natural attractions like the Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands, outdoor  adventures such as the Goosebumps Rope Course and the Cove Aerobar in Discovery Park. The addition  of SplashMania Waterpark will further enhance the vibrancy of Gamuda Cove. 

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