Fourth Annual BIGO Awards Gala Returns to Singapore, Celebrates the Best of Bigo Live’s Exceptional Global Broadcasters

Fourth Annual BIGO Awards Gala Returns to Singapore, Celebrates the Best of Bigo Live’s Exceptional Global Broadcasters

SINGAPORE, 8 December 2022 – Bigo Live, the leading global livestreaming platform, has announced today that its annual BIGO Awards Gala will be returning to Singapore for its fourth edition after two years  of hosting it online. Happening on Saturday, 7th January 2023 at 7pm (GMT +8), the upcoming BIGO  Awards Gala 2023 will mark the first time that Bigo Live’s flagship event will be held physically since the  inaugural gala in 2020.  

Returning to the historic Capitol Theatre located within the heart of Singapore’s Civic District, where the  country’s historical, architectural, and cultural heritage started, BIGO Awards Gala 2023 will see some of  Bigo Live’s most exceptional and talented broadcasters, many of whom have become local celebrities, descend into the island nation from all over the world for a night of celebration and diversity. 

Centered around the theme of Building communities, and sharing live moments, the gala will be hosted  by renowned Singaporean actor-comedian Hossan Leong and will honour Bigo Live’s global and regional  broadcasters who have captivated their audience with creativity, and those who have transformed their  communities by making the best use of livestreaming in the past year. 

The star-studded gala will see more than 76 families, which are formed by users within the Bigo Live  platform, 54 VIP users, and over 108 broadcasters get recognised across different award categories such  as Most Popular Broadcaster, the Most Charming, the Most Talented, the Most Influential Families and  more. Additionally, BIGO Awards Gala 2023 will also feature a variety of performances by Bigo Live’s top  broadcasters. 

“We are incredibly excited to finally be able to organise our annual BIGO Awards Gala physically after  having virtual editions over the past two years. As a homegrown Singapore company, we are once again  honoured to welcome our broadcasters and users to our home and to celebrate and showcase our  community to the world. These past three years have proved difficult due to the pandemic, but we are  proud of how our users have supported each other, stayed connected and created impact through  livestreaming. Our talented pool of broadcasters is a testament to our continued growth, and thanks to  technological innovation, we are able to create an inclusive platform where everyone can showcase their  talents and passion to a global audience,” Mike Ong, Vice-President of BIGO said. 

At last year’s BIGO Awards Gala, newly minted hall-of-fame members received trophies, in-app prizes,  and the chance to be featured on iconic global spots such as the Times Square in New York, and the Burj  Khalifa in Dubai, to commemorate their achievement. The event also saw a virtual concert with popular  Thai singer-songwriter The Toys, which also included the debut of Bigo Live’s Virtual Live 3D avatar, for a  spectacularly immersive show for the audience. 

Since inception in 2016, Bigo Live has emerged as an international industry leader and key contributor to  the global creator economy with hundreds of millions of users across 150 countries worldwide.  Throughout the past year, Bigo Live has been enlarging its talent pool of broadcasters and content creators  and expanding its localised premium content library with a focus on pan-entertainment offerings, social  commerce, music, and gaming, via various cross industry partnerships and a series of localised in-market  activities globally.  

To catch the upcoming BIGO Awards Gala, visit or download the Bigo Live app  (Available on iOS and Android).


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