foodpanda Malaysia strengthens commitment to support Malaysians through the latest MCO

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, Jan 20, 2021 — As COVID-19 evolves, foodpanda Malaysia has implemented measures to protect the health and safety of its community of riders, restaurant- and retail-partners and consumers across Malaysia. In addition to ensuring that its operations comply with the latest laws and health mandates, foodpanda has rolled out the following initiatives in its operations across Malaysia:


For our community

Throughout the MCO, CMCO & RMCO period, foodpanda continues to play an essential role in delivering food, groceries and daily necessities to encourage Malaysians to stay home and stay safe.

As a company that operates across Malaysia, we are actively monitoring the situation to ensure that foodpanda complies with the latest governmental advice, and taking all the necessary steps to safeguard our communities. As the situation develops, foodpanda will update guidelines in line with recommendations.

Below are some of the immediate initiatives we’re continuously focusing on in standing with all Malaysians in the fight against COVID-19.


For our customers

Contactless Delivery: Both customers and riders can feel comfortable with the contactless delivery option. When an order is placed, the platform opts-in for contactless delivery, the customer can then contact the rider with specific instructions on the preferred delivery drop-off spot.

Online Payment or Card Payment: To minimise contact between riders and customers, foodpanda encourages customers to use online payment or card payment on all orders. Credit and Debit cards that are accepted include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and Union Pay. Online banking via FPX is also available.

Promotions: In addition to free delivery from select restaurants, foodpanda is also investing more than RM12 million into running various promotions to provide more savings for customers while making it easier for them to support local businesses through these difficult times. The full list of promotions can be found via this link:

For our riders

Hygiene Practices: Through our rider web portal, rider partners are given frequent updates on the latest measures and hygiene practices to ensure a safe ride. All riders are consistently briefed and reminded to adopt safe practices such as frequent use of hand sanitizers, wearing their masks at all times and washing their hands regularly.

Riders are also encouraged to have their bags sanitised once a week. Free sanitisation of rider bags is also made available for all riders. Please refer here for more information:

Additional Financial Support for Riders: foodpanda announced the provision of additional financial support to delivery partners impacted by Covid-19. If, in the event, a rider tests positive for COVID-19, the rider will receive an additional RM1,000 from this additional financial help.

Health and Safety Measures: If a rider feels unwell, foodpanda encourages them to stay home until the symptoms subside. If a rider tests positive for COVID-19, foodpanda has a support structure in place to support their recovery and well-being. It is also critical that we work together to curb the spread of the virus.

Flexible Earning Opportunities: We welcome anyone who may need temporary earning opportunities to contact foodpanda via our rider recruitment site.


For our restaurant and retail partners 

Supporting Local Partners: foodpanda has introduced a micro-financing scheme to help cushion the impact on small business partners. Together with Aspirasi and Funding Societies, foodpanda is providing financial aid in the form of microfinancing to eligible partners who need additional financial support during these tough times for amounts up to RM100,000. Partners that are eligible for this will be contacted via email.

Health and Safety Protocol: If any staff member from our restaurant or retail partners tests positive for COVID-19, foodpanda will work closely with the Ministry of Health under their guidance and advice to take the necessary steps.

Expedited Onboarding of New Vendors: foodpanda has set up a self-sign up for new vendors to join the platform. This includes micro-SMEs and SMEs. Self-sign up links are available in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. The onboarding process has also been expedited to as quickly as 2 working days, whenever possible.

Partner Marketing: foodpanda is driving awareness and promotions in the link stated above across various marketing and digital channels to further support its partners as much as possible.


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