Enhance the festive season with “Raya Serba Baharu’, says MR D.I.Y

‘MR D.I.Y.’ Raya Serba Baharu’ offers more than 200 Hari Raya essentials at ‘Always Low Prices’. On special offer are a wide range of curtains and floor mats, discounted by more than 30%, available at s

KUALA LUMPUR, 07 APRIL 2022 — With Malaysia now entering the endemic phase of COVID-19, it’s time to look forward to the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festivities. After two years in lockdown and with movement restrictions, Malaysians are understandably looking forward to celebrating the annual festival in grand style. 

And celebrating right along with them is MR D.I.Y Group (M) Berhad (MR. D.I.Y). The home improvement retailer is calling on Malaysians to enhance their festive celebrations with its just-launched ‘MR D.I.Y. Raya Serba Baharu’ campaign. 

From 1 April to 8 May 2022, shoppers around the country can find more than 200 Hari Raya essentials at selected MR. D.I.Y. stores nationwide. The ‘MR D.I.Y. Raya Serba Baharu’ range includes beautiful hanging ornaments, a myriad of decor items like wall stickers, pelita lamps for the more traditionally inclined, and LED lights for those looking for a modern twist. 

There are also home furnishings to give living and entertainment spaces an uplift, with new designs in cushions, floor mats, table runners, tissue boxes, prayer mats, and vases, as well as new types of tableware to enhance every meal. One of the main highlights is special offers on curtains and floor mats, with discounts of more than 30%. Customers can purchase curtains for just RM21.90 and floor mats for just RM16.90. 

Announcing the launch of the ‘MR D.I.Y. Raya Serba Baharu’ campaign, MR D.I.Y. Group Head of Marketing, Alex Goh said, “We recognise that the past two years have been very difficult for all Malaysians. They have been unable to enjoy many of the traditional Hari Raya practices, like visiting Ramadan bazaars, enjoying buka puasa and open house events with extended family and friends, and enjoying their balik kampung visits. Plus the cost of many products used for these festivities have increased. In light of this, MR D.I.Y wants to make it possible for everyone to make the most of Hari Raya this year. This includes dressing up their homes to welcome visitors and enhancing the presentation of shared meals”. 

“In the spirit of ‘MR D.I.Y. Raya Serba Baharu’, we have curated a special lineup of festive essentials at ‘Always Low Prices’, making them accessible for the rakyat and reducing the burden on their wallet this festive season,” added Goh.

In addition to its ‘MR D.I.Y Raya Serba Baharu’ promotion, customers who spend a minimum of RM40 at MR. D.I.Y., RM50 at MR. TOY, or RM30 at MR. DOLLAR stores nationwide will receive complimentary Duit Raya packets (four pcs), while stocks last. Customers can also purchase Raya-themed recyclable bags at MR. D.I.Y., MR. TOY, and MR. DOLLAR stores across the country. 

MR D.I.Y.’s ‘Raya Serba Baharu’ promotion is available at selected MR. D.I.Y. stores across Malaysia. For the full list of products on offer visit: 

https://www.mrdiy.com/promotion/345/MR.DIY-Raya-Kami-Termurah-Festive-2022/. For more information, visit MR D.I.Y.’s website, www.mrdiy.com, e-commerce platform, www.mrdiy.com.my, and its social media channels, Facebook and Instagram.


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