Dettol distributes ‘baby protection kits’ to new parents at clinics and hospitals to ensure around the clock protection for their little ones

Kuala Lumpur, 15 June 2023 – As the world’s most trusted germ protection brand, Dettol Malaysia has embarked on a mission to help new parents keep their precious newborns safe and protected especially during their infancy period. According to the Global Hygiene Council, a newborn baby’s immune system only begins to produce its own antibodies at two to three months. Until their vaccination schedule starts, babies are notoriously susceptible to a range of common infections which include respiratory infections such as colds and flu, and gastrointestinal infections, such as diarrhoea and vomiting. In addition to continuing breast feeding, if possible, it is important to protect babies from potential infection around the home with 78% of baby toys containing infection causing microorganisms.

To ensure that parents are equipped with the best solutions to keep their environments safe from harmful bacteria, Dettol Malaysia has initiated an on-ground programme delivering over 240,000 ‘baby protection kits’ to new mothers. This will allow parents to disinfect and clean every inch of their household in preparation of bringing their little one home.

“In our environment, we’re exposed to hundreds and hundreds of antigens a day, from dust to pollen to viruses and to bacteria. As hygiene experts, we understand the difficulties parents face when it comes to ensuring their family is protected at home as well as outside. With Dettol, the world’s most trusted germ protection brand which kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and the COVID-19 Omicron variant, parents can easily feel confident, assured and have the peace of mind to take on any given day. We fall ill less often when everyday protection is made easy especially with Dettol’s extensive product range, and we believe we are in the best position to protect all Malaysians, parents and babies included, in our relentless pursuit of a cleaner and healthier world,” commented Tiffany Tang, Marketing Director of Health & Hygiene of Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Additionally, Dettol also recommends using Dettol Antibacterial Liquid & Disinfectant sprays for surfaces and laundry to keep baby protection at an optimum:

  1. Focus on cleaning countertops, floors or anything your baby may come into contact with. Aside from regular sweeping and dusting, disinfect surfaces to remove any germs or dirt that may be on them from daily use. Household surfaces are used very frequently and as a result, become hotspots for germs and viruses that could make the parents or their baby sick. Using a disinfectant spray can minimize the spread of these germs.
  2. It is also important to stop germs before they have a chance to spread. Dirty baby clothes kept in laundry baskets are susceptible to germ growth especially when ignored for periods of time. Washing them with a skin safe, antibacterial detergent regularly can stop the spread of these germs and allow your baby to feel fresh and clean in their clothes.
  3. Keeping hands clean is key. It is important to wash hands frequently, especially after changing a diaper, using the bathroom and before preparing formula, bottle- or breastfeeding a baby. It is also important that the adults caring for your baby are up-to-date on their vaccinations. This allows a protective circle to be formed around your baby until their immune system is more developed.
  4. Limit your baby’s interactions. Because babies are additionally sensitive to their environments and new people, it is advised that parents keep visitations to a minimum for at least the first two weeks. Your child unknowingly could contract serious or even fatal illnesses simply through exposure. Try not to let new people kiss or hug your baby while their immune system strengthens since they are not yet protected by vaccines. If you have visitors over who are not from your immediate household, try keeping some antibacterial wet wipes on coffee tables or by entrances so your guests can use them to limit the spread of germs before saying hello to your little one.
  5. Always call the doctor about a fever of 38°C or higher in newborns up to 3 months old (especially babies 1-2 months old), as that requires immediate medical attention. For older babies, call the doctor about a fever that lasts more than a few days or one that won’t come down with a fever reducer medication. 

Plenty of viruses and other illnesses can be managed at home. Parents cannot always protect their baby from every potential germ in the world. Getting sick is a part of life, especially in the first few years, however for better protection parents have Dettol right there on their journey.


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