Coway Takes Customers on a CSR Voyage

Coway Takes Customers on a CSR Voyage

Coway further solidifying its commitment to making the world a better place with coral reef rehabilitation efforts at Tioman Island

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 September 2022 – Coway displayed true Cowayian spirit recently, as the Best Life Solution Company collaborated with Reef Check Malaysia to rehabilitate the coral reefs in Tioman Island. Together with Coway’s loyal customers and employees, the Coway EcoCamp 2022 saw the group visiting one of Reef Check Malaysia’s coral conservation sites.

The awareness programme included a site visit to see the growth progress of the 400 coral nubbins (baby corals) that were planted by Coway earlier this year. The team also managed to take in the breath-taking view of Coway’s coral site that is now flourishing with healthy corals and marine life. Aside from reef rehabilitation, Coway’s EcoCamp team also carried out a beach clean-up at Kampung Tekek, Tioman Island.

Coway’s loyal customers and employees cleaned the beach together during the recent Coway EcoCamp 2022

This is the first ever EcoCamp that the company is organising, parked under their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative with the aim to spread awareness on environmental conservation. This Coral Reef Restoration Programme is one of Coway’s commitments to making the world a better place to live in – not just by championing healthy living but also by conserving the environment and ecosystem. This is in line with the company’s vision of creating a healthier living environment for all communities.

Coral reef restoration is crucial as the reef plays an important role in the marine ecosystem. It provides a home and acts as a food source for many marine lives. Aside from that, coral reefs protect coastlines from storms and erosion, benefiting the island ecologically and helps provide job opportunities for local islanders.

Coway believes that taking charge and making a change today will make for a better tomorrow

“Through this EcoCamp, Coway hopes to raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection as the company strives to inspire more people and companies to do their part for the environment. Coway believes that taking charge and making a change today will make for a better tomorrow”, says Ryan Jung, Head of Marketing Division of Coway Malaysia. 

In addition to reef restoration, Coway has also been protecting the environment through its other CSR programmes such as the Guardians Against Garbage programme. For this, Coway partners with EcoKnights to carry out various environmental activities such as river clean-ups, picking up litter while jogging (plogging) and also recycling projects.

For more details, visit or Coway’s social media for more updates on the company’s CSR initiatives.


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