BEHRENS – B015 The NAVIGRAPH Series is inspired by a 2019 3D science fiction movie  “The Wandering Earth”, which was filmed based on a famous novel of the same name.  The movie was about the Earth facing the destruction of the solar system, and scientists  came up with the idea of a journey making the Earth leave its trajectory-driven thrusters  driving it into outer space.  

BEHRENS always has the courage to try and explore, with ambitious goals, and is  committed to designing unique products, which coincide with the concept of the movie.  We are taking the opportunity to launch our 1st model series of the year 2022 with  BEHRENS NAVIGRAPH” series, a new product concept based on the elements appearing in the movie and transforming them into design elementsfor this new model series. 

From which the inspiration for the dial design was based on the thrusters appearing in  the movie for driving the Earth and we took this concept and transformed it into the four rings on the skeletonized dial as functional displays. 

To pursue the spirit that the brand has been advocating in creation from the past, we have adopted a regulator display design layout for the BEHRENS “NAVIGRAPH” series. That is, on each of the 4-ring displays on the dial, there will only be a single-hand indicator. 

Such an advantage of the design is that while it can simplify the overall layout, it also improves the readability of each function by clearly dividing them and individually displaying them on each of the 4 sub-dials, which indeed is practical and attractive. 

To further improve the visibility of the displays at night, the dial has been added with luminous at certain areas allowing the dial to glow in the dark, making the dial and its  display functions readable and exploratory in balancing the visual effect of the dial.


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