An Epicurean exBEERience for 200 Carlsberg Smooth Draught Lovers

An Epicurean exBEERience for 200 Carlsberg Smooth Draught Lovers

The Real Spicy, Real Smooth campaign with Chef Mano Thevar reaches its pinnacle in an  extravagant grand finale for loyal fans!

SHAH ALAM, 27 July 2022The Carlsberg Smooth Draught ‘Real Spicy, Real Smooth’ dining  exBEERience has been an anticipated affair ever since the news made headlines. As anxious  contestants gripped the edge of their seats in fervent excitement, 100 lucky winners and their partners were awarded the coveted prize of experiencing the edgiest contemporary Indian cuisine and  Carlsberg’s signature refreshing smooth brew, Carlsberg Smooth Draught, in one fiery night of  gastronomic symphony. 

Spearheaded by the culinary maven – two Michelin-starred Chef Mano Thevar, the exclusive food  pairing event delivered not just star-studded treatment but a four-course meal that brought to life the  combinations of spicy Indian cuisine complemented and infused with Carlsberg Smooth Draught. The  blend of heat and spice that graciously worked the palate coupled with the refreshing and hoppy taste  of Carlsberg Smooth Draught induced a medley of unexplored flavours that took diners on an  epicurean journey.

The delectable spread prepared by Chef Mano Thevar (1)

According to Lye Say Hong, “I’m super excited to be able to enjoy the experience of fine dining with  Carlsberg! Never in my life have I won a prize, so this means a lot to me. When I first tried Carlsberg  Smooth Draught I was intrigued. It was very smooth, which got me going. I fell in love with it! I am  very excited to participate in tonight’s event.” 

“I’ve personally never tried beer with spicy food before, so my first thoughts were I really want to win  this prize. I really love spicy food and I love Carlsberg so when I won, I was over the top. I’m enjoying  every single moment of this event and I really want to thank Carlsberg for this superb experience, they  really are the best beer in the world!” said Thiban Eaganathan, another lucky winner. 

Kicking-off the evening with mouth-watering welcome bites, Chef Mano Thevar initiated diners with  fluffy Chilli Cheese Kulcha served with a deliciously creamy Carlsberg Smooth Draught infused butter. Once guests were seated, they were treated to the culinary performance of Chef Mano and his crew  working like clockwork behind the open kitchen. The debut for the evening came in an explosion of  layered flavours that encapsulated the senses with an opening snack of Beetroot Chaat, Maitake  Mushroom Samosa and Chettinad Chicken Taco or Vindaloo Jackfruit Taco on the vegetarian menu.

Instagram worthy dishes at the Real Spicy, Real Smooth dinner event

For the appetiser, a perfectly seared Hokkaido Scallop submerged in a rich coconut sothi infused with  Carlsberg Smooth Draught delivered depths of velvety essence with each mouthful, while non-meat  eaters indulged in a beautiful Zucchini Blossom coated with the same sultry gravy. 

The mains which offered either Saratoga Lamb Korma, Crispy Amadai or Cauliflower Malabar immersed the tastebuds with spicy earthy flavours blended with Carlsberg Smooth Draught as one of  the key ingredients. Each mouthful delivered a magical fusion of hot and piquant cuisine elevated by  the refreshing smoothness of Carlsberg Smooth Draught, bringing guests on a mouth-watering joyride. 

The meal was then strikingly concluded with Rasmalai, a Carlsberg Smooth Draught infused ice-cream, to wash down the heat induced feast. 

“This was a really great campaign by Carlsberg. I’ve always been a fan of Carlsberg Smooth Draught, and this was something truly unique. I even got a chance to tap my own beer for the very first time  and learn about what goes into the creation of Carlsberg Smooth Draught which was really interesting. The fact that the food was created by a Malaysian Michelin-starred chef was really the cherry on top  of the cake for my partner and I, we were very proud to be part of this experience,” mentioned Ricknesh  Kishor, another winner of the dining exBEERience. 

The versatility of Carlsberg Smooth Draught delivers endless new and innovative adventures that will  allow drinkers to really explore the depths of its flavour. With special thanks to Chef Mano Thevar and  The RuMa Hotel and Residences in making the campaign a success, Carlsberg Malaysia now looks to  bringing more exciting and contemporary campaigns to the fore.  

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Of course, as part of living a safe and responsible life, we advocate responsible consumption, always  remember if you drink, don’t drive – #CelebrateResponsibly.


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