Amazing Deal from Astro with 30 DAYS FREE on Selected Packs!

ENG_ Astro 30 Days FREE

KUALA LUMPUR, 16 February 2022 – Good news for new Astro customers as they can enjoy a LIMITED  TIME OFFER of 30 DAYS FREE on selected packs when they sign up for the service starting 16  February. For those considering Astro, this offer is very timely given a slew of exclusive new theatrical  releases and hits which are already streaming on Ultra Box, namely Matrix Resurrection, Dune, The  King’s Man, Fast and Furious 9, Eternals and the worldwide Disney hit Encanto and Snowdrop,  amongst hundreds of others. 

For customers who appreciates the vigour, splendour and prestige of international sporting  tournaments be it the bitter rivalries in Premier League, the often-sensational European football,  heated F1 and Moto GP races from exotic locations and humbling life lessons from Wimbledon,  customers have a variety of Sports bundles to choose from, to fit any budget. With 2022 shaping up  to be the ultimate Year in Sports culminating to the World Cup in Qatar, the 30 days FREE promotion  is simply, the cherry on a cake. 

The offer excludes Primary Pack and is available only for customers on the 24-month contract and  they can also expect further rebates on set up fees for the Ultra Box and Ulti Box in which RM39 will  be waived from the installation fees for the Ultra Box or RM19 for the Ultra Plug & Play Box.  

Customers in high-speed broadband areas now even have the option to opt for the new Ultra Plug &  Play Box which does not require satellite installation and can be self-installed as easily as plugging in  any Bluetooth device.  

With this offer, customers are invited to check out Astro’s new bundles and packages that assuredly  caters to multiple preferences and combinations. These not only include Astro’s flagship shows, but  also Netflix, HBO GO, Disney+ Hotstar, iQIYI, TVB Anywhere, Variety, Kids and Sports with flexible  combination that caters to the modern Malaysian sensibilities, under one package for greater  convenience, and without the need to subscribe to everything separately. 

Find out more about our all-new Astro packs, designed to empower customers so they can now stream  all the shows they love in one place or sign up for any of these new packages on  For further details on our Movies and Sports Pack promos please click the links below: 


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