What Will You Imagine Today with the NEW Play-Doh Magical Mixer and Picnic Shapes Starter Set

What Will You Imagine Today with the NEW Play-Doh Magical Mixer and Picnic Shapes Starter Set

Simple tools, engaging themes and fun-first learning

Play-Doh, a renowned brand that offers modeling compounds believes that imagination is the most  powerful tool on the planet and that the world of imagination and creativity are beyond. There is no end,  but an and to it, whereby it is a continuous process and new discovery each time. For more than 65 years,  Play-Doh brand has been shaping imaginations for generations of families by encouraging children to  explore what’s possible with open-ended, hands-on and creative play experiences.  

Every child is an artist. Children are masters of creating their own rules, exploring new ideas, and most of  all — play. Children are divergent thinkers, capable of producing a range of ideas freely and generously,  thanks to being naturally curious. Creativity helps children develop emotional, social, and critical thinking  skills. Parents can encourage and spark children’s creativity in many ways – to squish, mix, and make fun  creations from scratch.  

With the objectives of offering children exciting new innovative compounds to further unlock their  creativity and imagination, Play-Doh has launches two new playsets which are Play-Doh Magical Mixer  and Play-Doh Picnic Shapes Starter Set. Each set comes with an engaging theme and simple tools, that aimed to provide a fun-first learning experience for the children.

Reimagine the iconic mixer experience with twice the treats twice as fast! With the Play-Doh Kitchen  Creations Magical Mixer Playset, children can play pretend baker and easily create and decorate 8  different shapes of Play-Doh cakes, cupcakes, and cookies! 

This magical mixer allows the children to pop different bakery treats molds into the mixer and pushes  down the handle to create a variety of fun baked treats – two at a time! The pop-out trays make it easy  to take the creations out of the mixing bowl and add all sorts of toppings like confetti compound and  pretend to frost.  

Additionally, it comes with 5 different colour cans of Play-Doh and 2 treat trays with unique molded  shapes. Along with an extruder and spatula, children can now bake their desserts and be the next top  baker in the family. 

Beyond being fun, it has several important benefits for children’s development. When playing with the  set, children are beginning to use symbolic thinking, learning hand-eye coordination as well as building  strength in the little muscles in their fingers and hands. 

This Play-Doh playset serves as a fun art and craft activity or gift for kids 3 years and up who love kitchen  toys and play food.

Rain or shine, the Picnic Shapes Starter Set is a perfect children picnic set for anytime! Picnic is a go-to  activity for family and most of the time, we expect mother to pack up a basket full of food consisting of  sandwiches, potato chips, fruits and etc. How if we swap mother’s role with children for one day?  Preschool toys like this picnic set let children play pretend and create their own play food sandwiches with  imaginations.  

Go for a picnic and create stackin’ sandwiches that will boost pattern recognition and sequence play. The  set comes with an adorable picnic basket that holds the 12 starter tools, and it allows children to discover  and pick their own tools for food-making.  

You can’t leave out the mat when it comes to picnic. The double-sided playmat has a fun picnic scene on  one side and creative “recipes” on the other for children to arrange the shapes in order. Along with 6  different colour cans of Play-Doh, it helps children to explore matching, sequencing, fine motor skills, and  their creative imaginations. The set is suitable for kids ages 3-5 years old. 

Gather a group of friends and kiddos and have a Play-Doh party! Nothing is more fun than a clean,  colourful, and friendly battle of the artists. The Play-Doh Playsets are available at Toys “R” Us Malaysia  and Hasbro Official Stores on Lazada and Shopee Malaysia.


Hasbro Official Stores: 


Magical Mixer: https://www.bitlylinks.com/db9p0ga-u 

Picnic Starter Set: https://www.bitlylinks.com/oOr5TKHjA 


Magical Mixer: https://www.bitlylinks.com/osmc3-mk1 

Picnic Starter Set: https://www.bitlylinks.com/vuTCSD8rZ


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