Upcoming Festivals and Events In Australia

Upcoming Festivals and Events In Australia

Melbourne Fashion Festival (Melbourne, Victoria): Celebrate fashion and creativity at this annual celebration  of Australian fashion, arts, ideas, and creative endeavour. Running for nine days, the festival presents world class runways featuring Australia’s most-loved designers, shopping events and experiences, styling and beauty  workshops and more. Highlights include the Envision Runway, with established designers presenting  sustainability-focused collections, the Urban Oasis Runway, which celebrates leading and emerging First Nations  designers alongside established street and conceptual designers, and more. From 3 – 11 March. 

Andy Warhol & Photography: A Social Media (Adelaide, South Australia): Exclusive to Art Gallery South  Australia, this exhibition reveals an unseen side of celebrated Pop artist, Andy Warhol, featuring photographs,  experimental films and paintings, and works by his photographic collaborators and creative contemporaries.  Through his lens, discover the candid, collaborative, and social elements of his photography. From 3 March – 14  May.  

Ten Days on the Island (Tasmania): Ten Days on the Island is Tasmania’s state-wide arts festival, a wild and  welcoming carnival of creativity with something for everyone. The 2023 program continues its strong focus on  new Tasmanian work, but also features projects from further afield, including Te Wheke-a-Muturangi, a giant  floating octopus from Māori mythology, that will take over Kangaroo Bay on Hobart’s Eastern Shore for the  duration of the festival. The event will also commemorate its 20th anniversary with a multitude of programs  ranging from engaging theatre to a compelling experience at the Festival Hub at Hedberg. From 10 – 19 March.  

World Science Festival Brisbane (Brisbane, Queensland): Returning this year is World Science Festival Brisbane,  with 5 days of mind-blowing exploration of the world we live in. Get ready to be informed, inspired, and  convinced by the wonder and value of science. Hosted by Queensland Museum, a leader in Science, Technology,  Engineering and Mathematics, the festival provides an authentic and compelling experience to inspire, enrich,  and empower participants. Don’t miss out Curiosity Brisbane, a dynamic offering of public art, conversations,  tours and workshops that explore the connectedness of art, science and technology. From 22 March – 2 April.


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