SURIA KLCC GROUP USHERS IN THE SPIRIT OF HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI Mega kampung spirit of Ramadan and Syawal on display all around and within the mall

SURIA KLCC GROUP USHERS IN THE SPIRIT OF HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI Mega kampung spirit of Ramadan and Syawal on display all around and within the mall

KUALA LUMPUR, 16 April 2022 – The Suria KLCC Group is pleased to present the glittering spirit of  Hari Raya as the country prepares to celebrate the joy of Syawal soon.  

On 15 April 2022, Suria KLCC launched its mega Hari Raya Aidilfitri campaign and unveiled Malaysia’s  Biggest Lampu Pelita Replica at the Esplanade KLCC, with the centrepiece designed to invoke the  spirit and joy of Ramadhan and Syawal, an occasion that has not been celebrated on a huge scale  for the past two years due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

Present at the launch included the Director General of Tourism Malaysia, YBhg. Dato’ Haji Zainuddin  Abdul Wahab as well as the management of Suria KLCC Sdn. Bhd., Encik Md Shah, Chairman;  Francis Tan, Chief Operating Officer and Ameer Thajudeen, General Manager.  

“Malaysia’s Biggest Lampu Pelita Replica, as recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records 2022 – measuring 17 metre in height and 12 metre in width, is our contribution to enliven the atmosphere in  the city for Ramadan and Syawal. As Malaysia’s premier mall, we believe in doing our part to bring  much needed cheer to everyone following two years of living through the various forms of the  movement control order,” said Encik Md Shah in his welcoming speech. 

As the mall rolls out its attractions for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri campaign that runs until 8 May, guests  were shown Suria KLCC’s Hari Raya theme which is “Raya at Atuk’s Orchard”, where shoppers and  visitors alike will experience the festive celebration in a kampung house in an orchard setting.

Befitting the occasion, a traditional rumah kampung inspired by ‘Rumah Melayu Melaka’ showcasing  its vibrant and multicoloured motifs is the focal point in Centre Court, surrounded by lush fruit trees  that are all strung with colourful festive lights and ‘lampu pelita’ (traditional oil lamps). 

The surrounding of the orchard is equipped with a ‘pangkin’ (wooden hut) where families can enjoy  their photo opportunity within a nostalgic backdrop, complete with a Proton Saga parked at the Centre  Court, bringing back memories of travelling in Atuk’s car. In addition, traditional childhood activities  such as ‘teng teng’ (hopscotch) and ‘congkak’ will be displayed at the Centre Court during the  campaign period. More photo opportunities can be found at Level 1, Ramlee Mall with a mini installation of Atuk’s Orchard. 

Shoppers will also be rewarded when they spend RM1,500 or more in 2 receipts at any specialty store from now until May 1. They will receive RM100 worth of Suria KLCC shopping vouchers and a set of  Suria KLCC Raya packets.  

Elsewhere, fun activities at the mall include photo booths, with shoppers being able to experience a  joyful family time by taking their “Family Portrait” photos with complimentary photo print-out and e copy to encourage uploads on social media. There will also be cultural dance performances to  complete the festive mood.  

To further enliven the gaiety of Ramadhan, ten days before Hari Raya, or beginning 23 April, ‘kurma’  (dates) will be placed at the Concierge Counter as a treat for those who have been fasting for the day.  

During the celebrations, Suria KLCC will carry on with its act of corporate social responsibility by  continuing to financially support the Mental Health Awareness programme through funds generated  from the ongoing ribbon pin sales that began in 2021. Shoppers are encouraged to support the cause  by purchasing the pin at RM10 per piece, available at Suria KLCC’s Concierge. All proceeds will be  channelled to RELATE Malaysia. 


The Atuk’s Orchard theme will also be carried at the Alamanda Shopping Centre in Putrajaya until 2  May. There will be a redemption programme for shoppers to receive an exclusive ceramic canister  and Alamanda’s Raya packets when they spend RM700 and above in not more than 2 receipts from  any specialty store.

Those who spend RM1,500 or more will receive an additional gift, all of which are limited to one (1)  redemption per shopper, per day. These shoppers will receive either a RM40 Manhattan Fish Market voucher, or an exquisite Noor Arfa scarf, or a RM50 Alamanda shopping voucher. 

To enhance this festive shopping experience, Alamanda is also collaborating with its tenants to host  some fashion and beauty activities for the shoppers which include shawl tutorial by Bokitta as well as  flowers arrangement workshop by Cempaka Sari. 

In spreading festive cheer, there will be cultural performances and activities to entertain shoppers,  with performances including ‘caklempong’, ‘angklung’, ‘inang’ and ‘zapin’ dance. In addition, there will  be an exclusive ketupat weaving workshop as well as paper cup pelita workshop for VIKids members. 


In keeping with the Hari Raya celebration, Atuk’s Orchard will also make its debut in Kemaman’s  Mesra Mall where the Centre Court will be adorned with variety of fruit trees reflecting life in a typical  ‘kampung’ setting. 

Another highlight includes the henna painting workshop from 10am – 10pm, from 8 April until 30 April.  This is just an example of the more culture and heritage-based activities that we are rolling out for our  shoppers.  

All the fun is not for adults only, as even little girls will have the opportunity to vie for the “Miss Little  Kebaya” title on 16 April, under two age groups (4-6 years, and 7-9 years). Girls dressed in their best  kebaya outfits stand a chance to win attractive prizes. 

To make Mesra’s visit a memorable one this Ramadhan and Syawal, shoppers who spend at least  RM350 in no more than two receipts from any specialty store will receive an exclusive ceramic jar and  a pack of Mesra’s Raya packet. 

In conjunction with Nuzul Quran, on 19 April, Mesra Mall will give away ‘bubur lambuk’ and 500  packets of ‘kurma’ to shoppers and visitors. The mall management together with the local authorities  and Mesra’s tenants will also sponsor the elderly folks from the Kemasek district with ‘baju raya’ and  ‘duit raya’ as part of its CSR initiative.


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