Singaporean Traditional and Complementary Medicine Brand Yong Kang TCM Makes its Official Entry Into the Malaysian Market with Upcoming Launch of Flagship Outlet in One Utama Shopping Centre

Singaporean Traditional and Complementary Medicine Brand Yong Kang TCM Makes its Official Entry Into the Malaysian Market with Upcoming Launch of Flagship Outlet in One Utama Shopping Centre

Established as a trusted TCM brand in Singapore, Yong Kang TCM aims to address pain points in the local healthcare landscape and curb mounting modern health challenges

Kuala Lumpur, 7 August 2023 — Singaporean Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) brand, Yong Kang TCM, has officially landed in Malaysia, with doors officially opening during their grand launch on 23 September 2023 at One Utama Shopping Centre.

To celebrate the official launch of its flagship outlet, Yong Kang TCM will be organising an open day inviting all members of the public to stop by and learn more about how its approach to wellness can help address mounting modern health challenges and the daily pain points they may face.

The one-day event will give the public the opportunity to learn more about the science behind TCM, as well as meet and greet Yong Kang TCM’s team of trained practitioners and learn more about their respective fields of practice. In addition, the people attending the event will also enjoy RM68 discounted pain management treatment, RM50 discount voucher and various Chinese medicine discounts. This discount is limited to the first 200 lucky visitors.

Commenting about its upcoming launch event, Ellayn Leamn, Marketing Manager of Yong Kang TCM said, “We’ve had a long and successful track record of employing our approach to wellness in Singapore, now we are proud to bring these solutions to the people of Malaysia. We invite one and all to visit us at One Utama on the 22 September for a first-hand experience of how TCM can meaningfully impact your lives. Speak to our experts, try our services out for free and I’m sure you too will be convinced.

With an emphasis on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Yong Kang’s expansion comes at a time when it is uniquely poised to contribute to the nation’s healthcare landscape, particularly amidst growing awareness and recognition of the need for alternative and complementary healthcare options among the Malaysian public. One of five subsidiaries of Singapore’s Refresh Group., Yong Kang TCM’s main aim is to make traditional and alternative medical options, and their benefits more affordable and accessible to the general public.

With their ten-strong team of “MOH registered practitioners in Malaysia, Yong Kang TCM offers a comprehensive range of services and treatments in the areas of chronic pain management, gastrointestinal conditions, weight and aesthetic treatments, respiratory conditions, gynaecology and fertility treatments, as well as internal medicine.

A testament to their comprehensive understanding of the body’s intricate balance, practitioners carefully examine all potential healing pathways before meticulously incorporating the most suitable of the available options into thoughtfully curated treatment plans. These options span a rich tapestry of modalities, from the precision of acupuncture to the nurturing embrace of herbal medicine, from the detoxifying effects of cupping therapy to the soothing warmth of moxibustion.

Encompassing a diverse range of healing practices, philosophies, and therapies that have been developed over centuries in various cultures around the world, TCM has quickly become a popular alternative to modern medical treatments, rather than replacing modern medical treatments altogether.

Having served over 2,000,000 patients thus far with its comprehensive range of TCM services, the brand has already made a significant impact in the Singaporean and Malaysian markets, with a reputation for its commitment to quality, professionalism, and patient-centred care.

Visit Yong Kang TCM’s flagship outlet launch at One Utama Shopping Centre, on 23 September to learn more or visit


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