’Tis the season where Mariah Carey climbs the charts once more and pumpkin spiced lattes are traded in for marshmallow-topped hot cocoa. This festive season, we’ve put together a list of Christmas movies guaranteed to have even the Grinch feeling fun and festive!

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

A cult classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect transition to the festive
holidays for those who are still clinging onto the remnants of spooky season. The
stop-motion animated musical follows main protagonist Jack Skellington, Halloween
Town’s beloved pumpkin king, in charge of organising the annual Halloween celebrations.

Bored with the same routine of frightening people, Jack accidentally stumbles upon
Christmas Town and is immediately taken by all bright colours and warm spirits. Through
his desire to take over organising the Christmas festivities, he plots to kidnap Santa
Claus with the help of Halloween Town residents. Shenanigans ensue when his
well-meaning schemes go awry.

2. A Christmas Carol

Centred around old, bitter and miserly Ebenezer Scrooge, A Christmas Carol is a
heartwarming tale of self-reflection, redemption and one’s willingness to change for the
better. After refusing to take part in any Christmas festivities, Scrooge is visited by three
spirits each night leading up to Christmas – the Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of
Christmas Present, and Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

Through each journey he is taken on, Scrooge comes to realise the error of his ways,
eventually turning over a new leaf and fully embracing the true spirit of Christmas.

3. Home Alone

From the simple childhood premise of being left alone at home without your parents
comes the ultimate Christmas classic, Home Alone. When 8-year old Kevin McAllister
wakes up during the holidays after his family mistakenly leaves him behind on their trip
to Paris, Kevin is overjoyed with his newfound freedom.

However, trouble soon follows when Kevin realises his home has been targeted by the
Wet Bandits – a couple local, kooky burglars – and begins work to protect his home in ways only an 8-year old could think of: booby traps consisting of swinging cans of paint,
blow torches, and ziplines!

4. The Santa Clauses Season 2

In the second season of The Santa Clauses, Scott Calvin resumes his mantle as Santa
Claus after an unsuccessful search for a suitable successor in the previous season.
Back in the North Pole after successfully saving Christmas, Scott shifts his attention
towards training his son Cal to eventually take over the reins of the “family business”,
inheriting the cherished position of being the next Santa Claus. However, things take an
unforeseen turn, when a bit of North Pole magic brings an unanticipated twist to Scott’s
retirement plan.

5. Godmothered

As young children, we’ve all wished for a fairy godmother – and Eleanor Fay
Bloomingbottom is exactly that. The youngest fairy godmother in a magical school where
fairy godmothers train to make wishes come true, Eleanor commits to her life’s purpose
with passion and glee.

Upon learning from another godmother that the school is about to be shut down, Eleanor
discovers a letter from a 10-year-old girl named Mackenzie Walsh and decides to help
her – only to discover that Mackenzie is now a jaded 40-year-old single mother.
Determined to save the school, Eleanor makes it her goal to turn Mackenzie’s life
around, with Mackenzie suddenly finding herself Godmothered.

6. Dashing Through the Snow

For those looking to regain the magical feeling of Christmas, Dashing Through the Snow
is the show for you. Eddie Garrick, a social worker harbouring a deep cynicism towards
the festive season after a childhood encounter where a mall Santa attempted to rob his
home, crosses paths with Nicholas Sinter-Claus, or Nick for short. Nick claims to be the
real Santa Claus on the run from a corrupt politician, leading Eddie on an escapade of a

What unfolds is a heartwarming tale, interwoven with themes of friendship and the
importance of family. Through this captivating journey, Eddie rediscovers the wondrous
magic of Christmas, rekindling his belief in the extraordinary.

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