Soaring through the skies to bring the world to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) has committed to countless endeavours to encourage more and more people from all over the world to visit the Kingdom. As the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, the airline has also ensured that their avid support for the arts, culture, adventure, and nature mirrors that of the Kingdom’s. In perfect time, SAUDIA is eager to share about their involvement in the AlUla Skies Festival 2023 which took place from 26 April to 13 May 2023 – a celebration of the iconic and majestic landscape Saudi Arabia has to offer.

As an ardent supporter of national initiatives in different fields, including arts, culture, sports, and education, SAUDIA Group has prided itself in leading many partnerships and sponsorships for various significant events. This time, following the signing of the three-year sponsorship agreement with AlUla Skies as their designated Presenting Partner last year, SAUDIA was excited to present the 2023 edition of the AlUla Skies Festival. The collaboration was an endeavour to leverage SAUDIA’s extensive network and reach to welcome local, regional, and international visitors to AlUla, where they had the opportunity to explore the ancient city and immerse in its stunning landscape through a myriad of exciting activities.

The AlUla Skies Festival, newly inaugurated in recent years, took visitors to the skies through a plethora of events and activities. In the day, visitors could be enthralled by the magnificent view of AlUla from one of the hot air balloons – the most iconic part of the festival. Taking to the skies as well, was the SAUDIA-branded air balloon, which exclusively made its debut this year as a nod to the airlines’ collaboration with AlUla. Further enhancing the aerial experience, the festival gave visitors the opportunity to also jump aboard one of their helicopter tours for an unprecedented bird’s-eye view of AlUla’s most famous landmarks and heritage sites.

For the adventurous, the Giant Swing was an adrenaline-pumping activity at the festival that sent participants airborne, swinging through the high canyon walls in a 70-metre arc, over 85 metres above the ground. The festival further played host to another unique experience – the AlUla Stairway, which took adventurers up a 45-metre suspended ladder with an exhilarating 150-metre zipline back down to the valley floor. Breathtaking views were not limited to being airborne. On ground, visitors were also greeted by the vibrant view of the AlUla Kites, where hundreds of colourful kites dotted the skies as part of the festival.

Star-studded night events were also held, including stargazing sessions, astrophotography
sessions outdoor cinema experiences, and opportunities to take in the canopy of the night sky through elevated views over Dadan, AlUla Old Town, AlUla Fort and the AlUla Oasis from atop the black lava stone terrain of Harrat Uwayrid.

Most importantly, the festival also awed visitors with the famed nightly drone show, starring the legendary choreographed collection of drones which dazzled crowds with an array of illuminated patterns and shapes.

For SAUDIA which is committed to highlighting the beauty of Saudi Arabia to visitors all over the world and taking them through enthralling experiences, their presentation of the AlUla Skies Festival has been a further testament of their excitement to do so through an immersion in the Kingdom’s landscape, culture, and the arts.


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