While many of us are now excitedly brimming with travel wanderlust, the effort that goes
behind planning the “perfect” trip is often a nightmare. With the need to book flights, find the right accommodation, make the necessary plans for all activities, and even research local regulations, the list of pre-trip to-dos before take-off is daunting. Established in 2017,
SAUDIA Holidays, a platform by Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA), has created a one-stop
shop to rescue travellers from the tumultuous process of planning a trip. Making the comfort of their guests a priority, SAUDIA Holidays handpicked destinations, flights, and resorts to give guests the best deals and a seamless, worry-free travel experience.

The comprehensive packages are curated specially to offer a hassle and fuss-free travel
experience from start to end, covering flights, accommodation, activities, as well as all sorts of transportation needs. As a one-stop shop for efficient travel, these packages are designed to enhance guest experiences while letting them focus only on creating unforgettable journeys. With SAUDIA Holidays, travel enthusiasts can now achieve a flawless vacation where their passion to explore is met with the convenience of a pre-planned trip.

SAUDIA Holidays handpicks locations and resorts to facilitate an unforgettable experience
for their guests. The locations are a mix of diverse continents that cater to the unique travel choices of each guest. These include Mauritius, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, New York, Delhi, and Athens, among many others. By streamlining the travel planning process, SAUDIA ensures that guests can focus on creating cherished memories instead of juggling multiple bookings and arrangements.

To ensure guests can focus on experiencing their dream holiday destination, SAUDIA
Holidays offers the best stays and flights at negotiated prices. Beyond the flight and hotels,
all ground transportation needs, and excursion activities are included in these packages.
Moreover, guests will also be further equipped with city guides that comprise all necessary
information on their destination – from local regulations to navigation maps for the exploring travellers.

One of the key benefits of choosing SAUDIA Holidays is its vast network of over 900,000
service providers, including hotels, flights, and tours worldwide. This extensive network  allows SAUDIA to deliver plans that perfectly suit the guest’s needs, and they can choose
their preferred services, making their travel arrangements seamless and stress-free.

Saudi Arabian Airlines

SAUDIA also takes pride in offering guests a wide range of options to suit their preferences
and budget, ensuring everyone can find the perfect package for their dream vacation.
Furthermore, SAUDIA Airlines’ exclusive rewards program, the ALFURSAN Miles Program,
is designed to incentivise and reward guests who choose to book their holidays with the
airline. By joining the rewards program, guests can unlock a host of benefits and perks,
including discounts, upgrades, and special offers. For every penny spent, the program
rewards members with miles which can be exchanged for Reward Tickets for both domestic
and international SAUDIA Airlines flights. Otherwise, members may also fly in style by
upgrading their seats on existing flights as well.

SAUDIA Airlines is excited to offer their guests a convenient and reliable solution for their
holiday and Umrah packages. With its one-stop approach, comprehensive packages, a vast
network of service providers, and rewarding benefits, SAUDIA is set to revolutionise the way people plan and experience their vacations.


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