KUALA LUMPUR, 08 February 2024 – Charting new territories, Rexona announces a groundbreaking collaboration with K-pop powerhouse (G)I-DLE. This collaboration signifies Rexona’s commitment to merging deodorant product innovation with cultural resonance, making it not just about underarm brightening and freshness, but also about confidence and movement.

Leading the K-pop genre, (G)I-DLE goes beyond melodious rhythms and foot-tapping beats. Their ethos of challenging boundaries and limits echoes Rexona’s ‘not done yet’ spirit. Boasting a loyal fan base of over 12 million, their recent pinnacle achievement saw them top the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart.

“(G)I-DLE isn’t just about music; they are icons of determination, challenging norms and reshaping the K-pop landscape,” says Victor Hugo Jr, Rexona Global Brand Director & Market Development Lead for Deodorants Asia. “Our partnership represents more than just a collaboration; it’s a synergy of values – of pushing limits and striving for more. As (G)I-DLE breaks barriers in music, Rexona does the same in personal care, ensuring everyone feels fresh, confident, and unstoppable.”

Their collaboration with Rexona introduces the game-changing Vitamin+Bright deodorant range. Recognizing that 62% of young Asians have restricted how they move because of their underarms[1], this collaboration reflects a fusion of (G)I-DLE’s emblematic confidence and Rexona’s dedication to illuminating and empowering every individual. The innovative formula not only brightens underarm skin but also ensures 72-hour non-stop protection, enabling everyone to #GLOWFORIT. Infused with potent antioxidant vitamins, it stands as a pillar against underarm dark marks that impede confidence and movement. And with formats like Roll-on and Aerosols, it’s tailored to cater to diverse needs and every occasion.

Victor Jr. Hugo further adds, “Seeing K-pop as a unifying cultural force in Asia, Rexona’s strategic alliance is a deliberate move to resonate more deeply with our consumers, fostering genuine connections in a landscape shaped by K-music and non-stop movement. With the Vitamin Bright range, we’re not merely launching a product; we’re igniting a cultural movement. Collaborating with (G)I-DLE fortifies our mission to embolden many to embrace each day with zest, confidence, and to truly #GLOWFORIT. ”

The #Glowforit Movement Takes Centre Stage

Rexona is steering its brand narrative with the ‘#GLOWFORIT Movement’ as the central platform for its brightening deodorant range. Launching with enthusiasm, the #GLOWFORIT Movement takes its first step, shining a spotlight on the lively Rexona pop-up event at the core of The Starhill Kuala Lumpur on February 15th. Bursting with energy, the booth promises a myriad of exciting activities, surprise-filled roving trucks, and a chance for attendees to win Rexona (G)I-DLE merchandise. Adding to the thrill, participants also have the chance to secure their spot to a Virtual Meet & Greet with (G)I-DLE this 2024!

This lively celebration not only comes alive at The Starhill pop-up event but also extends its enchantment through additional roadshows and exclusive in-store promotions across all Watsons and Guardian retail outlets, offering attendees continued opportunities to immerse themselves in the K-pop Glow experience and a chance to win Rexona (G)I-DLE merchandise and passes to the Virtual Meet & Greet session!

The All-New Rexona Vitamin+Bright Deodorant

Rexona introduces its Vitamin+Bright product line, designed to provide effective and lasting freshness. The Rexona Roll On, available in a convenient 45ml size, has a recommended retail price (RRP) of RM12.90 per piece. For those looking for even more value, the Rexona Roll On Twin Pack, featuring two 45ml units, is priced attractively at RM20.60 per piece (RRP). For a refreshing burst in spray form, the Rexona Spray Single, with a generous 135ml content, is available at RM17.40 per piece (RRP). Opt for the Rexona Spray Twin Pack, consisting of two 135ml units, at a special price of RM27.80 per piece (RRP). Elevate your freshness game with Rexona Vitamin+Bright, now available in-store & online at Watsons and Guardian.

Stay tuned as Rexona and (G)I-DLE chart this exhilarating journey, championing confidence, movement, and breaking limits every step of the way. For more information, follow Rexona on Instagram (@rexonamalaysia) & Facebook (RexonaMY). Join Rexona and (G)I-DLE on this invigorating journey, and let’s all #GLOWFORIT!

[1] Unilever Exploring Underarm Inhibitions – Indonesia Fact Sheet 2019. The research was conducted with 7120 women aged 18-64 in seven countries: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. Within Indonesia, 1000 women were surveyed for this research.


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