Ragam Raya Bersama Montigo, Celebrating the Festive Season with Thermoregulated Drinkware

Ragam Raya Bersama Montigo, Celebrating the Festive Season with Thermoregulated Drinkware

Montigo, Malaysia’s No.1 Thermoregulated Drinkware is proud to announce the launch of its Eid campaign “Ragam Raya bersama Montigo.” The campaign offers a range of thermoregulated drinkware products that are designed to keep your drinks hot or cold, at their ideal temperature for hours 

Ragam Raya bersama Montigo celebrates the joyous festival of Raya, which is a time when family and friends come together to share laughter, love, and delicious food. The campaign follows the Montigo family as they journey home together for a Ragam Raya, showcasing ordinary kampung life and the fun they have together. 

Montigo is featuring its whole range of products in Raya attire, including its best-selling Ace Bottle in four different sizes (14oz, 18oz, 32oz and 64oz), paired with coloured caps and boots. Additionally, the Knight Tumbler and Sense Cup are also key highlights of the campaign, promoting the Knight Tumbler as the best option for cold drinks and Sense Cup for warm drinks on the move with its new anti-slip feature. 

To celebrate the launch of Ragam Raya bersama Montigo, Montigo is offering an exclusive promotion for customers. Customers who purchase two items or more online can get up to 20% off on bundles and will receive one pack of stickers with every two items purchased. Offline, customers who purchase three single items can get 15% off their purchase, and those who spend more than RM100 can purchase a PWP Boot and Lid for RM30. Additionally, every two items or more purchased offline will receive one pack of stickers. 

“We are excited to launch Ragam Raya bersama Montigo to celebrate the festive season with our customers,” said Melvin Chee, CEO and Co-Founder at RPG Commerce. “Our products are designed to keep your drinks hot or cold all day, making them the perfect companion for your Raya celebrations. We hope that our customers enjoy our exclusive promotion and find the perfect Montigo for their lifestyle.” 

Ragam Raya bersama Montigo is now available at https://shopmontigo.com/pages/ragam-raya and offline at Montigo stores: https://shopmontigo.com/pages/our-stores


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