OSIM Unveils South Korean Actor Hyun Bin as Ambassador for Next Generation uDream Pro Well-Being Chair

OSIM Unveils South Korean Actor Hyun Bin as Ambassador for Next Generation uDream Pro Well-Being Chair

Better than a massage chair – New generation uDream Pro well-being chair epitomises OSIM’s commitment to redefining well-being with a groundbreaking suite of pioneering Wellness Tech innovations

Malaysia, 24 July 2023 – OSIM, the leading innovator of Wellness Tech products and solutions, has unveiled South Korean actor Hyun Bin as its ambassador for the next generation flagship product – the uDream Pro well-being chair. Imbued with the latest Wellness Tech innovations and designed as a sophisticated style statement, the next generation uDream Pro is the latest articulation of OSIM’s best in class well-being solutions.

OSIM solutions span the health, fitness, beauty and gaming sectors and are all designed to enable customers to feel good, stress less, sleep better and live heathier and happier lives. The acclaimed actor is partnering OSIM as the company continues to expand its ecosystem of Wellness Tech solutions.

Ms Chia Sook Fun, General Manager of OSIM Malaysia said, “We are delighted to welcome Hyun Bin as our ambassador. His dedication to his craft and commitment to excellence resonate strongly with our mission to inspire and improve the world’s well-being.”

OSIM has sought out and partnered with like-minded global brand partners and artistes based on shared values such as innovation and creative excellence – exemplified by this latest partnership with Hyun Bin.

Hyun Bin said, “A perfect day to me is one that strikes a good balance between work and rest.  With OSIM’s uDream Pro, I am able to enjoy personalized massage techniques with a single touch through artificial intelligence (AI) analysis and relax while stabilizing the various senses of my body with the ‘5-Senses Experience’. It is a technology that provides suitable management for the condition of each day and helps to lead a healthy daily life.”

Focus On Continuing Innovation for The Next Generation Well-being Chair

In its ongoing mission to introduce new innovations to consumers around the world, OSIM has pioneered the use of leading-edge Wellness Tech in its ecosystem of solutions. This move has successfully elevated the traditional massage chair to a new standard in well-being chairs.

Better than a massage chair, the uDream Pro is the world’s first well-being chair to incorporate AI in the measuring, monitoring, and managing of stress and fatigue for users. It also features an industry-first innovation designed to enhance an immersive stress relief experience. With just one touch of a button, users are transported to one of three different paradise experiences – Aurora Night, Sunset Beach or Nature Bliss. Senses are awakened through guided massage programs synchronized with relaxing imagery, soothing voice guidance, enchanting music and mood-enhancing ambient lighting. Users can also opt to engage their olfactory sense by using the DreamScent Aroma Pods to complete the five-senses stress relief experience.

Seamlessly weaving OSIM’s latest innovations such as AI features with elegantly executed design motifs inspired by nature, the uDream Pro is artfully created with technology and design excellence. It is also integrated with the OSIM Well-Being App to provide users with a total well-being experience that can be measured, monitored and managed in the comfort of their homes.

OSIM Wellness Tech Deploys AI to Deliver Truly Customised De-Stress Programmes

With 14 patented features that combine to create a unique OSIM stress relief experience that cannot be replicated, the uDream Pro harnesses best-in-class technology from OSIM’s own R&D labs to address the harmful effects of long-term stress on the human body.

Collaborating with internationally renowned professionals such as cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Thomas Burdon from Stanford University and Japanese chiropractic massage expert Sato Tsuyoshi-san, the uDream Pro uses electrocardiogram technology to accurately measure stress signals of the body, as well as deploys AI-powered biometric algorithms to determine body tension scores. These signals and scores are then analysed to deliver individually customised stress relief programmes that are effective.

Data From uDream Pro Users Indicates Improved Mental And Physical Health

Anonymised body tension scores collected from uDream Pro users before and after each well-being session show a general decline in tension felt[1]. The scores revealed that:

  • 78.72% (about 8 in 10 users) experienced an immediate reduction in short-term stress and improved state-of-mind after one use; and
  • 87.23% (about 9 in 10 users) experienced a decline in long-term stress and improved overall mental and physical health with repeated use over a period of 6 months.

Hyun Bin Embodies The uDream Pro Vision Of Sophisticated Wellness Technology

A respected, award-winning actor in the entertainment industry and a household name, Hyun Bin is among the most influential actors in South Korea and has captivated audiences with his striking onscreen presence and versatile range of performances. His career spans more than two decades and includes leading roles in internationally popular dramas such as Crash Landing On You and Memories of the Alhambra as well as movies such as Confidential Assignment and The Negotiation.

Hyun Bin shares more about his philosophy to work-life balance and overall well-being in an exclusive OSIM video feature on Youtube.

The new generation OSIM uDream Pro retails in Malaysia at a promotional price from RM436.47 per month with zero interest instalments up to 60 months and it is available at osim.com.my and at all OSIM stores. Visit OSIM stores now to enjoy an extraordinary wellness experience.


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