New Balance Empowers Female Runners: Celebrating Individuality at the 2024 Nagoya Women’s Marathon

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 MARCH 2024 – In a remarkable show of support for the spirit of diversity and individuality within the running community, New Balance Malaysia has proudly supported three distinguished Malaysian female runners to participate in the prestigious Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2024, held on 10 March 2024, coinciding with International Women’s Day. The Nagoya Women’s Marathon, evolving from a 20-km race in Toyohashi to a full marathon in Nagoya, holds World Athletics Platinum road race status, marking it as a key event in the athletics calendar.

Esther Joy Chen, Ann Pow, and Nur Fitri Najwa (also known as Kak Fit) represented New Balance Malaysia as they embody the essence of the brand’s ‘RUN YOUR WAY’ campaign. Just like New Balance’s ‘RUN YOUR WAY’ campaign messaging – As long as you run, you are a part of the running community, the brand’s participation in Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2024 serves as an invitation for everyone to overcome insecurities and doubts, and to indulge in running — be it a casual jog or a full marathon.

Esther Joy Chen, a former SEA Games athlete, excelled at the Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2024 by securing 8th place and completing her debut half marathon with a sub 1:25 hour. This stellar performance establishes her as a formidable competitor in the running community. Ann Pow, also a SEA Games alumna, surpassed expectations by finishing the full marathon in under 3:20 hours, beating her target and personal best. Her achievement reflects intense dedication and a strong competitive spirit, marking a significant milestone in her running career. Kak Fit, a recognised running influencer, overcame cold weather to finish the half marathon in under 2 hours. Demonstrating resilience and a passionate commitment to running, her performance inspires both her followers and fellow runners to persevere, regardless of the conditions.

During the trip to the Nagoya Women’s Marathon, the trio had the opportunity to meet two New Balance Athletes and Olympians: Camille French from New Zealand and Nozomi Tanaka from Japan, for an inspirational sharing session. Additionally, they connected with fellow runners from various regions, sharing in the camaraderie that comes with the sport. One of the trip’s key moments was the communal shakeout run on the eve of the race. This not only served as a warm-up and an adjustment to the local weather conditions but also provided an opportunity to meet like-minded runners from other countries, enhancing the anticipation for the upcoming challenge.

New Balance Malaysia’s involvement in the Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2024 is a testament to its commitment to supporting and advocating the talents of local athletes on international platforms. By embracing the “RUN YOUR WAY” message, New Balance Malaysia not only highlights the diverse motivations behind running but also shapes future decisions in product development, brand experience, and community engagement.

New Balance Malaysia stands as a beacon of support and encouragement for the running community, celebrating every runner’s journey, regardless of their pace, distance, or motivation. The achievements of these three athletes in Nagoya are a powerful reminder that when you run your way, the possibilities are endless.


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