Maria’s SteakCafe Teams Up with Wholly Spirits for a Memorable Pairing Dinner at SkyForest, 1 POWERHOUSE

Maria's SteakCafe Teams Up with Wholly Spirits for a Memorable Pairing Dinner at SkyForest, 1 POWERHOUSE

Kuala Lumpur, September 2023 – Are you bored with pairing food with wine? Then how about pairing it  with spirits instead?  

Get ready to be spirited away with the latest collaboration between Maria’s SteakCafe and premium  spirits purveyor Wholly Spirits, which will pair five courses of Maria’s signature dishes with a specially  curated selection of premium spirits in one exquisite dinner. The exclusive pairing dinner event, which will  take place on October 20th, 2023 at 7pm, will be available only at Maria’s SteakCafe’s latest venue, the  breathtaking SkyForest on the top floor of 1 POWERHOUSE at Bandar Utama. 

Combining the culinary expertise of Maria’s SteakCafe with the spirits know-how of Wholly Spirits, this  event promises to be a delightful journey with an atmosphere of indulgence and celebration. Each course  has been thoughtfully paired with a handpicked beverage, thus creating a symphony of flavours that will  tantalize your senses. 

The evening begins with a delightful appetizer of U.S. Scallops paired with the  

ultra-premium Isle of Harris Gin. The tender scallops are seared to perfection, and complemented by a bright tomato salsa. The gin’s unique botanicals, inspired by the Scottish island’s maritime environment, allow it to cut through the scallops’ richness, offering a refreshing and aromatic note for a harmonious fusion.  

After that, comes Maria’s SteakCafe’s signature mains, starting off with the beloved classic Seafood Aglio  Olio, perfectly paired with the steakhouse’s signature Sesame Sour cocktail. This is followed by the New  Zealand Lamb Cutlet, a savoury delight that dances in harmony with the rich and complex Redbreast  Lustau Irish Whiskey. Then, comes the Australian Wagyu Ribeye MB7, paired with the distinctly fruity  and bright notes of the Ardamurchan AD/10.22 Madeira Cask Scotch Whisky. Together, they create a  sensuous blend of flavours, with the stunning Madeira-influenced single malt further highlighting the  tender, juicy richness of the meat. 

But the journey of indulgence doesn’t stop here. For dessert, diners will be served the signature Prune  Cake, made with a closely guarded secret recipe created by Maria herself. This delectable treat is artfully  paired with the Samai Kampot Pepper Rum, creating a combination that will surely satisfy your sweet  tooth. 

Maria’s SteakCafe is celebrated for its dedication in providing a wholesome dining experience, offering  patrons not only good food but also unique atmospheres at each of its outlets. Meanwhile, Wholly Spirits  is renowned for its curated selection of premium spirits, with a reputation for bringing some of the world’s  finest spirits into Malaysia.Hence, this collaboration between Maria’s SteakCafe and Wholly Spirits is a  true celebration of the passion and commitment of these two organizations, who are devoted to  delivering the best and most memorable gastronomy and beverage experiences. 

“We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Wholly Spirits for this exclusive pairing dinner,” says  Angeline Tan, CEO of Maria’s SteakCafe. 

“Throughout our journey, Maria’s SteakCafe has always been on the lookout for partners to enhance the  dining experience of our customers. This remarkable collaboration with Wholly Spirits marks a significant  milestone as it represents our first foray into uniting our delectable menu with fine spirits, a move sure to  delight and cater to the most discerning connoisseurs of liquor.”

Don’t miss this exclusive pairing dinner event, happening on October 20th, 2023, at 7pm at Maria’s  SteakCafe’s latest outlet, 1 POWERHOUSE. Secure your reservation now for an evening of exquisite  food, extraordinary spirits, and unforgettable memories. For reservations and more information, please  visit or contact Maria’s SteakCafe at +6012-902 0869.


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