MamyPokoAgainstDengue Campaign Benefits 1,500 Households in Klang Valley and Johor

MamyPokoAgainstDengue Campaign Benefits 1,500 Households in Klang Valley and Johor

MamyPoko teams up with Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat to implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives on World Mosquito Day in support of families living in high-risk dengue neighbourhoods

Petaling Jaya, 3 August 2023 – As dengue cases continue to soar nationwide, MamyPoko together with Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) take a stand against dengue in conjunction with World Mosquito Day, an international event to raise awareness about the dangers of mosquito- borne diseases.

Kicking off the #MamyPokoAgainstDengue campaign, Mr Eiji Yoshida, Managing Director of Uni-Charm Group Malaysia and Singapore, expressed, “MamyPoko is committed to assisting parents in relishing the journey of watching their children grow up in good health. Given the growing apprehension regarding dengue, this campaign aims to alleviate concerns and address urgent dengue issues, particularly within the vulnerable community. We aim to provide parents with peace of mind, knowing that their precious little ones are shielded from the threat of dengue fever.”

As part of its current outreach efforts, the campaign aims to distribute 1,500 packs of the new MamyPoko ANTIMOS Pants to various disadvantaged communities in the Klang Valley and Johor. The communities benefiting from this initiative include PPR Seri Pahang, PPR Seri Pantai, and PPR Desa Rejang in Kuala Lumpur; PPR Taman Putra Damai in Lembah Subang, Selangor; as well as PPR Taman Cendana in Pasir Gudang, Johor.

Additionally, it will extend support to the residents by organizing community clean-ups or gotong-royong activities aimed at eliminating mosquito breeding sites in the neighbourhood.

Commenting on this collaboration, JKM acknowledges and commends the sincere efforts of the MamyPoko Malaysia brand for organizing the #MamyPokoAgainstDengue campaign, particularly considering the challenges faced by urban poor communities burdened with high living costs and the rising prices of essential goods due to global inflationary pressures. This campaign is timely and serves to protect families, especially young children, from the persistent threat of dengue. JKM welcomes both corporate and private sector companies to partake in CSR initiatives and similar programs to expand their reach to a broader range of target groups under JKM’s care throughout Malaysia.

“Given the increasing prevalence of dengue, parents have valid concerns. According to data from the National Dengue Surveillance System, children aged 0-15 years are highly susceptible to severe dengue and its complications such as dengue shock syndrome,” explained Dr Yong Junina Fadzil, Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Cardiologist. “Therefore, it is crucial for us to maintain vigilance for dengue symptoms, particularly severe dengue, which often manifests after the fever subsides. As young babies may not develop the usual symptoms such as fever, it is recommended that any child under six months who is unwell be taken to a doctor.”

Building upon this, Mira Filzah, MamyPoko brand ambassador and local celebrity mom, shared her personal concerns regarding her son’s safety. “Every parent’s ultimate goal is to ensure the well-being of their children and provide them with the utmost protection in all aspects of life. With MamyPoko ANTIMOS Pants, the lemongrass scent proves highly effective in repelling mosquitoes for extended periods. It genuinely brings me peace of mind, knowing that my child possesses an additional layer of defence against mosquito bites. Moreover, I appreciate the convenience and simplicity of using the product – the tagline Sarung Jer, Nyamuk Tiada sums it up perfectly!”

The new MamyPoko ANTIMOS Pants, enriched with natural lemongrass extract, offer long-lasting protection against mosquitoes for up to 8 hours after wearing. With its Japan Patented Technology and advanced Big DRY Zone+ technology, these pants also ensure exceptional absorbency and dryness for up to 10 hours. This allows babies to experience optimum comfort, uninterrupted playtime and peaceful sleep, all while remaining shielded from mosquito bites.

Dr Yong Junina Fadzil highlighted that lemongrass extract has been researched and shown to offer a certain level of protection against Aedes mosquitoes . Thus, it is used in a range of products for mosquito repellence, including sprays, candles, patches, lotions, and recently, it has also been incorporated in diapers.

MamyPoko ANTIMOS Pants, an alcohol-free and natural alternative, offers a safe option for repelling mosquitoes without the use of chemical-based repellents like DEET commonly found in mosquito sprays.

In addition to utilizing mosquito-repelling products, Dr Yong Junina Fadzil emphasized the significance of parents taking comprehensive preventive measures to safeguard their families. This includes wearing long-sleeved clothing and ensuring clear surroundings both inside and outside homes to eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites.

For more information on dengue prevention, visit This online resource equips mothers with valuable insights on dengue prevention tips shared by health experts, as well as real-life accounts related to dengue.


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