Love, Mom and Dad: Honouring Our Heroes for Parents Day at Pavilion KL

Over the years, our moms and dads have done so much, from small things like ferrying us back and forth to school, to the big things like shaping us into who we are today. This Parents Day, let’s celebrate and show appreciation for the love, dedication, and sacrifices of mom and dad – from mom-dad makeovers, heart-to-heart chats, and thoughtful gifts, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur has it all.

Celebrate Parents Day with a Makeover

Kick off Parents Day with a makeover!. Give mom and dad a chance to refresh their look with a chic haircut, a rejuvenating facial, or a few spritzes of a new scent. Beyond appearances, this also helps them catch a well-deserved break.

MoRe Hair Retreat KL

MoRe Hair Retreat KL aims to make every day a good hair day. Your parents can enjoy a range of scalp care treatments in a wonderfully comfortable space, where the simple approach includes no pain, no needles, and a swift recovery period. Embark on a path to healthy hair through this hair rejuvenation journey together.

Location: MoRe Hair Retreat KL, Lot. 7.02.04, Beauty Hall


Skincare can do wonders for your health beyond just looking good on the outside. It maintains the health and function of one’s skin, protecting it from various issues. Evolcare’s handy, travel-friendly products come in individual doses and adapt to the user’s needs, making it convenient for mom and dad to add to their skincare routine and refill whenever they run out. 

Location: Evolcare, Lot P4.16.00, Level 4

Maison Margiela

Scent is a timeless tool in the art of leaving lasting impressions – and a new fragrance can not only give mom and dad an extra boost of confidence, but also complement their personalities and respective sense of styles. Maison Margiela’s first fragrance collection, Replica, was introduced back in 2012 and remains a best seller today with scents that evoke cherished memories, enhance mood, and create a lingering sense of elegance and sophistication. Perhaps mom would enjoy the fruity yet earthy notes of From The Garden, whereas dad might prefer the fresh yet woody notes of Autumn Vibes. Drop by the store to find their personal favourites!

Location: Maison Margiela, Lot P2.02.00, Level 2

Spend Quality Time with Mom and Dad

The essence of Parents Day lies in cherishing the moments you share with your mom and dad. Whether it’s having a heart to heart over art, enjoying a meal at an exquisite restaurant, or capturing precious moments, ask any parent and they will surely say that time spent together is the most valuable gift of all.

Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery

Enjoy an inspiring visit to Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery with mom and dad, and browse through their curated selection of works by established and mid-career international artists. Go on a journey of artistic discovery together, and share your thoughts as you encounter thought-provoking pieces while exploring the minds of artists through paintings, sculptures, digital art, and more.

Location: Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery, Lot 2.100.00 & 2.101.00, Level 2, Pavilion Elite

Warung Putera Puteri

Nothing says home like Malaysian cuisine! Warung Putera Puteri offers delightful flavours with every bite. Catch up with mom and dad as you enjoy a delicious selection of kuih-muih, nasi lemak, and nasi campur.

Location: Warung Putera Puteri, C4.09.00, Level 4

Studio 808

Equipped with the latest technology, including high-quality cameras, professional lighting, and a variety of fun props and backdrops to suit any occasion, Studio 808 is the cherry on top of your day out with mom and dad. Capture candid moments of joy and togetherness, and bring home keepsakes that serve as physical evidence of your memories together. 

Location: Studio 808, Lot P.6.46.00 & P6.46.00, Level 6

Give a Meaningful Gift to Mom and Dad

Selecting the perfect gift can express how much your parents mean to you, and how grateful you are for their unwavering support. Consider their interests and preferences to find something that will bring a smile to their faces and warmth to their hearts.


LEGO may not always be your first thought when it comes to gifting, but hear us out – crafting custom LEGO Minifigures is a truly joyful experience for yourself and your parents. Be spoilt for choice as you carefully pick your LEGO bricks to create an image of yourself or of each other! With each brick laid and every detail added, these Minifigures  will serve as a tangible symbol of your love.

Location: LEGO, Lot 6.102.00, Level 6, Pavilion Elite

Florism De Art

From love and gratitude to friendship and remembrance, flowers have long been used as a way to convey unspoken words, connecting the hearts of the giver and receiver. Florism De Art caters to your every floral need with their stunning arrangements that will beautify your parents homes and fill it with a delightful fragrance, elevating their space with elegance and charm. 

Location: Florism De Art, Lot 2.70.00, Level 2

ana tomy

Memories are meant to last, so why not give your parents the thoughtful gift of reminiscence? Customised journals from ana tomy will do, with varieties of elastic bands, ribbon markers, and paper types. Your parents will surely be glad to receive a personalised gift to pen down their past adventures, and plan new ones together.

Location: ana tomy, Lot P5.05.00, Level 5

For more information, visit the Pavilion KL website at, check real for real-time updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or contact the Concierge at +603 2118 8833.


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