Latest addition to Southeast Asia’s fine dining scene, hom, unveils 10-Moments tasting menu

Latest addition to Southeast Asia’s fine dining scene, hom, unveils 10-Moments tasting menu

24 May 2023 (Phuket, Thailand): Following its recent launch, hom now unveils its inaugural 10- Moments tasting menu. Spotlighting ingredients sourced from around Phuket, dishes incorporate  ancient fermentation techniques, applied scrupulously to enhance certain flavour elements and  present new and unexpected tastes.  

“Hom is a produce-first concept, so it’s vital that we have a thorough understanding of the boundless  ingredients that are available in Phuket throughout the course of the year,” said Chef Ricardo Nunes,  Chef de Cuisine of hom. “Our menu conceptualisation process begins with visits to local farms,  where we establish which ingredients are at their optimum state. From here, we explore how  fermentation techniques might be applied to aspects of an ingredient to enhance or alter the flavour  profile.” 

A storied journey to hom

It’s on arrival at InterContinental Phuket Resort that the jaw-dropping Sawan Pavilion, where hom is located, first comes into view. Guests are welcomed onto the magical journey to hom by Restaurant  Manager, Peter Lucas, and his team. As  they journey to the Sawan Pavilion, the  host will regale guests with stories of 14th century Buddhist cosmology, from which inspiration for the pavilion’s design was drawn.

With hom looming ahead, guests pass through serene, symmetrical gardens, as a thin spritz of mist  creates the sense of walking on clouds. The Sawan Pavilion appears to be floating, and as guests  ascend to hom, they are embraced in an elegant, pure white enclave. The milky tonal palette is  peppered with silvery and pearl accents, with silverleaf pattern flowing across the curved ceiling to  depict the Himmapan theme of the design.  

After an introduction to hom’s use of fermentation techniques to elevate ingredient flavours, the dining  journey commences. 

A produce-forward menu

Protectors and supporters of the local environment and harbouring a deep commitment to locavorism  the hom team collaborate closely with local producers; the symbiotic relationship enables knowledge  sharing and ultimately ensures the safeguarding of local resources and prevention of  overproduction. Having identified viable ingredients that grow or live on the island of Phuket, the team seek ways to use fermentation techniques to elevate the produce. This process is led by in-house Fermentation Expert, Mateo Polanco, who works closely with Chef Ricardo to further develop the intricacies of the fermentation techniques utilised across all dishes and beverages at hom. Chef Ricardo and Mateo have a strong belief in the pursuit of perpetual improvement; this innate curiosity and passion for discovery enables the presentation of endlessly innovative menus.

The result is a 10-course tasting menu that is at once balanced and interesting. Ultimately, Chef  Ricardo and the hom team aim to quell the curious palettes of their diners through an exploration of  new flavours from familiar ingredients.  

Upon arrival and whilst admiring the selection of fermented ingredients on display, guests are served  a cool, refreshing passion fruit juice. The drink is filled to the brim with natural flowers and cuttings  from nearby forestry.  

Appetites are whetted with the first course, Ruby Pomelo. The rose-cured ruby pomelo sets the  scene for the culinary journey to follow.  

The second course, Coconut & Smoked Caviar, presents smoked Hua Hin caviar, served with a  salted macadamia sauce and preserved palm seed, inside a young coconut. Diners are encouraged  to mix the coconut innards with the caviar to enable the freshness of the coconut and the tang of the  caviar to mingle and balance one another out.

Later in the evening, delicate Baby Squid, cooked in yeast butter, is served with fermented Hmaing and squid broth. The clear, rich broth serves to enhance the delicateness and subtle sweetness of the 

squid. Wild Boar is fermented and served in the paste of barley koji and black durian. The  fermentation process adds a natural saltiness to the meat, removing the need for seasoning.  

One of two desserts is the Sunflower Amazake,  Bee pollen. The visually engaging course is served in the face of a fresh sunflower. Sunflower seed amazake parfait is coupled with crusts of bee pollen. The cool dish has an element of earthiness and leaves a light floury coating on the tongue. Hom offers an in-house fermented drinks pairing conceptualized by Mateo. Alternately, diners can opt for a wine pairing reflecting a selection of natural, organic and biodynamic wines.

The 10-course tasting menu is priced at THB3,750++ per head. Beverage pairings include the fermentation-focused pairing, priced at THB950++ per head and the wine pairing at THB2,750++ per head.  

For reservations, please visit | Enquiries can be directed to info@hom | For updates, please follow @homrestaurant on Instagram 

Operating hours: Tuesday to Saturday; dinner starts at 6:30 pm


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