Hush Home & Aromatherapy Associates Join Forces to Create Restorative Gift Hampers this Festive Season

[Hong Kong, 22 November 2023] Award-winning sleep-focused mattress and bedding purveyor Hush Home and luxury wellness brand Aromatherapy Associates have come together to create a collection of festive gifts that put sleep wellness front and centre. The carefully curated collection is exclusive to Hong Kong. It has been designed with the perfect night’s rest in mind, and showcases the best of both brands’ premium wellness-focused products.

The Luxury Dream Hamper (HK$1,800) offers a practical yet sophisticated gift that helps users switch off and drift off — the perfect antidote to the celebratory season. The decadent gift set features a premium mulberry silk pillowcase and matching eye mask alongside Aromatherapy Associates’s revolutionary waterless Atomiser and their sought-after Deep Relax pure essential oil. These thoughtfully curated items come together to create the perfect night’s sleep. Recipients can enjoy a cool and comfortable night’s sleep on the best-in-class pillow case, which has the added benefit of preserving beauty thanks to silk’s natural proteins and essential amino acids. The light-blocking eye mask helps to ensure artificial light does not interfere with sleep, whilst the padded design offers extreme comfort. Crafted from a pure essential oil blend of naturally sedating vetiver, soothing camomile and comforting sandalwood to help prepare the body for a restorative slumber by quieting the mind, Aromatherapy Associates’ Deep Relax pure essential oil is the perfect compliment to the luxurious bedding. The attractive diffuser comes with an extra diffuser head enabling users to seamlessly switch between different aromatherapy blends to suit one’s mood or taste, making a daily dose of well-being easier than ever.

The Deluxe Spa Hamper (HK$840) creates a spa-like experience in the comfort of one’s own home — perfect for those seeking luxurious self-care. Two premium hotel-quality Hush Home Bath Sheets are paired with Aromatherapy Associates’ signature Trio of Oils: Deep Relax, De-Stress and Revive Morning. Known to reduce stress, bathing is the perfect precursor to bedtime. The De-Stress blend is ideal for when it’s necessary to take a moment to pause. Formulated from a pure essential oil blend of clarifying and season-appropriate frankincense, calming wild camomile and focusing petitgrain, De-Stress can help users find a precious moment of clarity whilst those looking for an uplifting moment will enjoy the rejuvenating essential oil blend of Juniper berry, rosemary and grapefruit. Adding a few drops of an oil of choice to a warm bath or shower before drying off with Hush Home’s indulgently plush towels is a sure way to quality sleep this holiday season and beyond.

The Hush Home x Aromatherapy Associates gift hampers are available from 24 November to 31 December. Furthermore, from 24 November to 31 December, private sleep experiences featuring an Aromatherapy Associates curated scentscape will be available at Hush Home’s new Telford Plaza Concept Store as well as their Sheung Wan Flashship Store. The 20 minute immersive experience features signature aromatherapy oils from Aromatherapy Associates — Deep Relax, De-Stress and Rose. Participants will receive a bespoke sleep consultation, during which the scent that will provide the best sleep environment will be selected.

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The festive gift sets are the latest facet of the partnership between Hush Home and Aromatherapy Associates. The two wellness brands worked together on a Collaborative Wellness Piece that sees experts from both teams curate informative content designed to help readers maximize their wellbeing.

For more information, please visitAA x Hush – Collaborative Wellness Piece


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