‘Huat’ a way to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with a fun Chinese New Year mashup featuring Suki Low

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Aurelius Healthcare spreads the feeling of unity and diversity through a newly dropped mash up of ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ and ‘Made You Look’

NILAI, MALAYSIA, 19 JANUARY 2023 – In Chinese zodiac, the Rabbit symbolises longevity, peace, and prosperity. According to Feng Shui masters, 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope for all. In this hopeful spirit and renewed energy, Aurelius Healthcare ushers in the Year of the Rabbit by releasing their very own remix of a Chinese New Year song featuring local music artist, Suki Low.

The song produced by Amylea Azizan, is an upbeat mix of the classic “Gong Xi Fa Cai” song and the popular song “Made You Look” . The lyrics have been altered to promote acceptance, harmony, and a sense of belonging among the audience. Its music video features Aurelius Healthcare’s senior management staff who come from various ethnicities and cultures, urging users to come together in celebration of this auspicious occasion. The music video was filmed on the grounds of Xiamen University to give it an oriental experience.

Suki Low, a familiar face in Malaysia’s music industry, has performed several songs of the Malay genre. Her vocal abilities helped her win Malaysia’s One in a Million singing competition, where she performed songs like “Berdiri” and “Everything”. She shared, It was a fun experience shooting the music video with Aurelius. The idea to mashup both songs brought a new spin to the song and we created a dynamic music video. The music makes me eager to celebrate Chinese New Year with friends and family. I also hope that everyone practices moderation when it comes enjoying the festivities food and to take care of their health”.

Datuk Amir Firdaus Abdullah, Chairman of Aurelius Healthcare and Group Managing Director said, “The music video showcases the unity of Malaysians as one. Malaysia’s diversity is evident when people from different cultural backgrounds gather to celebrate each other’s festivals. As the year of the Rabbit symbolises hope, we hope that Malaysians will continue to celebrate our beautiful diverse culture that the country has to offer and become a prosperous country.”

“At Aurelius, we would also like to remind fellow Malaysians to eat in moderation this Chinese New Year to avoid putting on unwanted health implications. One tip is to practice mindful eating. With all the tempting Chinese New Year cookies and snacks, it is easy for one to lose control and chow down too much food during visitations. Control and stay aware of what you eat”, added Datuk Amir as he wishes everyone  Happy Chinese New Year.

The music video is now available on Aurelius Healthcare YouTube channel here: link


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