Hasbro Game Up with NEW! Monopoly Chance and Twister Air

Hasbro Game Up with NEW! Monopoly Chance and Twister Air

A fresh twist to the timeless classic board game!

Monopoly, the board game, which has brought joy to households globally for decades is introducing an exciting new element that promises to take gameplay to a whole new level. Hasbro is excited to introduce“Monopoly Chance”–a thrilling expansion to the beloved game that adds an element of surprise and excitement to every move.

Monopoly Chance puts the “fast” in a “fast-dealing property trading game”. Adults and kids are so attached and absorbed to their devices nowadays that there is a lack of a meaningful connection with one another. The new edition of Monopoly Chance definitely gives a chance to put down our devices and strengthen family and friendships. Players can expect a dynamic twist in their journey to property domination. The new Chance cards are designed to spice up gameplay by presenting players with unexpected opportunities and challenges creating suspense and intrigue with every draw.

So gather around, make eye contact, and engage in genuine conversations with family and friends with agame that is created to have a space to connect with loved ones!

Key Features


Forget what you know about the Monopoly board game! This Monopoly Chance Game is the high-stakes, card-flipping game that takes an average of 20 minutes to play the game with 2-4 players.


Monopoly Chance is a fast-paced game designed for adults and kids above the age of 8. Whether you are a seasoned Monopoly enthusiast or a newcomer to the game, the excitement of Chance cards will create memorable and laughter-filled moments for everyone around the table.


Each player rolls the die and flips over up to that many cards in their deck. Get lucky and flip overcast–or if you decide to be bold and flip one too many only to reveal a Bankrupt card. Players compete to buy properties around the board by putting their cash cards on the property spaces, and sometimes over other players’ cash.


Chance cards contain a unique action that significantly impacts the game. From surprise cash bonuses to unforeseen property acquisitions, these cards inject an element of surprise and suspense that will keep players engaged from start to finish.


As players encounter Chance cards, tough decisions must be made. Will you play it safe and save your money, or take risks to expand your property empire? Those with a top card at the end of the round will own that property and get to add one of its buildings to their skyline.


If a player owns a property, they put one of their buildings in their skyline. The first player to fully fill their skyline rack wins.

The Monopoly Chance includes a game board, 40 Token decks (20 cards each), 4 reference cards, 8 chance cards, 32 buildings, 4 skyline racks, die, and game guide. Suitable for adults and kids ages 8 and up. Monopoly has been a staple in family game nights, friendly gatherings, and even competitive gaming circles for generations.

Monopoly Chance brings that element of surprise and excitement to every roll of the die, making game nights even more engaging and enjoyable!Get them now atToys ‘R’ Us and Hasbro Official Store onLazada and Shopee.


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