From Picky Palates to Wholesome Delights: Supermum Hillary’s Meal Prep Woes

From Picky Palates to Wholesome Delights Supermum Hillary's Meal Prep Woes

For busy working mothers like Hillary who prepare meals for the family, it is quite a challenge to provide a rich variety of wholesome meals on a daily basis. Coming up with interesting dinner ideas every day, especially while caring for three small children, is not easy.

Being health-conscious, Hillary insists that home-cooked meals need to be varied, healthy, and balanced. That adds to one of her difficulties of cooking for three young boys which is catering to each of their tastes. The busy C-suite executive admitted,

“I try my best, but it is impossible to keep everyone happy – and sometimes, that means having a cranky kid because it was not pasta night.”

Her three kids, Jayden, Jasper, and Javier, cannot differ more in terms of tastes. Jasper, who fancies himself as a future food critic, has a knack for all things sweet and dessert-like. Every meal is an opportunity for him to ask, “Where’s the dessert, Mummy?” Meanwhile, noodle enthusiast Javier, who has a particular fondness for mee and spaghetti, tends to try his luck with, “Can we have noodles tonight, Mama?” On the other end of the palate range is Jayden, who favours bold and spicy cuisine.

It’s quite the conundrum for Hillary, who shared that one of her biggest challenges feeding the three of them is to find something for everyone. Hillary explained how Freshable has made her life simpler – by taking the guesswork out of meal planning, removing the headaches of grocery shopping, streamlining the cooking process, and providing her family with wholesome and delectable meals, Freshable has made a difference in her life and she’s quite the advocate for it.

The innovative meal kit delivery service in Malaysia offers a variety of mouthwatering cuisines. Its ready-to-cook meal kits come with pre-cut and measured ingredients that are fresh, high-quality, and ready to use right out of the box. They are made with busy individuals in mind. Even the most inexperienced cooks can quickly prepare a delicious meal thanks to the clear instructions and helpful illustrations that accompany each step in the recipes.

Just what Hillary’s family needed! From international flavours to comforting classics, there is something for everyone in her household. These meals are curated by experts, featuring international and local cuisine, and they’re also designed by certified nutritionists to suit a myriad of diets with low-carb, vegan, and diabetic-friendly meals, to name a few.

She said, “Freshable’s menus offer a fascinating assortment that keeps my kids interested in their meals, whether it’s Asian-inspired cuisine, Mediterranean flavours, or conventional favourites.”

Not forgetting her young one who has a penchant for sweets, Freshable also offers desserts, ranging from indulgent chocolate lava cakes to fruity tarts.

Besides, with all the prep work done and delivered to her doorstep, it has been a huge time-saver as she no longer needs to worry about grocery shopping or even preparing ingredients. Just as challenging as meal preparation, the constant question of what to cook is a burden that has been lifted. It even helps with managing fresh ingredients and reducing food wastage, as each recipe uses the exact ingredients that are sent in the meal kits. 

For Hillary, this has led to an improved work-life balance which has made a world of difference.

“It has allowed me to focus on other facets of my busy life while still providing nourishing meals for my loved ones. It has also given me back vital time and lessened the stress involved with dinner preparation,” she said.

“Finding a balance between work and family life may be difficult for mothers,” she admitted. Now, she may devote more time to her profession while still being readily available for her family because less time is spent on dinner preparation. She said, “This better work-life balance improves my general well-being and lessens feelings of overload and burnout.”

This innovative concept proves to be quite a life-changer for Hillary. “From the way that Freshable has solved my daily headaches, I do believe that many other mums can benefit from their meal kits,” she added.

Try out a meal kit from Freshable today and experience the simplicity that it offers: curated nutritious dishes and prepared ingredients sent to your home, all ready to cook in just six steps. For busy mothers like Hillary, it allowed her to fully enjoy the day and create cherished memories with their families, knowing that their meals are taken care of in the most convenient and delightful way possible.


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