“French Finesse in the Heart of Siam”: Chatrium Grand Bangkok presents Casia, its new signature fine-dining destination

“French Finesse in the Heart of Siam” Chatrium Grand Bangkok presents Casia, its new signature fine-dining destination

Led by Chef Jerome Bondaz, who has worked with some of the world’s most celebrated culinary  masters, this new restaurant will showcase the flavours and fragrances of the French Riviera

Bangkok, 9 June 2023: Chatrium Grand Bangkok, which blends the timeless grace of Thai culture with  the grandeur of international luxury hospitality, has introduced a new era of “French Finesse in the  Heart of Siam” with the opening of Casia, the new fine-dining destination that will transport diners’  senses to the chic streets and sunlit shores of the French Riviera.  

Casia is an elegant French-Mediterranean restaurant that exudes an atmosphere of style and  sophistication, while also feeling relaxed and welcoming. Within this inviting ambience, talented chefs  will use imported ingredients from Europe’s leading producers, combined with fresh local delights to  craft mouth-watering menus that reflect the beauty of their season. 

The culinary team is led by Chef de Cuisine Jerome Bondaz, an award-winning epicurean expert whose  stellar career has spanned many Michelin-starred venues in Europe and Asia. Hailing from Évian in the foothills of the French Alps, Chef Jerome has worked with culinary legends such as Santi Santamaria  at Can Fabes, the famous multi-Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona, and Alain Ducasse at the  acclaimed Le Louis XV and Le Grill in Monaco. He is now ready to introduce the essence of the Mediterranean coast to downtown Bangkok.

Chef Jerome Bondaz leads Casia’s culinary team Guests can dine in style at this elegant fine-dining restaurant 

Chef Jerome’s signature dishes at Casia include Veal Shank, which is slow-cooked overnight, glazed  and served with a cocotte of seasonal vegetables (for four people to share), and Bresse Pigeon with  carrot layers, stuffed romaine leaves and smoked confit leg. 

Alongside the main à la carte offering, a series of tasting menus will transport guests on multi-sensory  adventures. Casia will also stage a regular series of culinary events, including collaborations with  specialty suppliers, guest chefs and leading wine experts, to further enhance Bangkok’s culinary scene. 

“We are delighted to unveil Casia, which is set to become one of Bangkok’s most desirable places to  dine and celebrate special occasions. Led by our talented chef Jerome Bondaz, who has worked in top  Michelin-starred restaurants, this exceptional venue will showcase the world’s finest ingredients and  prepare them with skill and precision to craft plates that look stunning and taste sublime. We look  forward to introducing hotel guests and local residents to this new era of ‘French Finesse in the Heart  of Siam’ at Casia,” said Daniel Kerr, General Manager, Chatrium Grand Bangkok. 

“This is a very exciting moment, as we reveal a truly outstanding fine-dining destination that is unlike  anything else currently available in Bangkok. At Casia, we will bring the flavours and fragrances of the French Riviera to Thailand with a handcrafted menu that takes prime produce from responsible local  and European suppliers and treats them with love and care to create highly artistic dishes. We look  forward to welcoming discerning diners to Casia,” added Chef Jerome Bondaz. 

Casia’s exquisite dishes will focus on fresh ingredients from land and sea, including locally-sourced produce 

Casia will officially open to diners on 14th June 2023, and reservations can be made here commencing  on 1st June 2023.  

Casia will initially be open for dinner (18.00-22.00 hrs) from Wednesday to Sunday, before launching  for lunch and daily operations at a later date. This will make it perfect for many occasions, from  business lunches that are sure to impress partners and clients, to memorable family meals and  couples’ evenings. For life’s most important occasions and events, a semi-private dining space can  cater for groups. 

For more information about Casia and to experience “French Finesse in the Heart of Siam” please  contact Chatrium Grand Bangkok on email info.cgb@chatrium.com or telephone +66 (0) 2126 7999 or visit our Website, Facebook and Instagram.  

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