For the Love of Durians: ORESCO Launches D’Harvest Growers Joint Venture to Make Owning Durian Trees Easy and Accessible

For the Love of Durians ORESCO Launches D’Harvest Growers Joint Venture to Make Owning Durian Trees Easy and Accessible
  • Collaboration with University of Malaya, iRADAR Sdn Bhd and Koperasi Durian Malaysia Berhad, to bolster the growth and cultivation of Black Thorn durians in Malaysia to newly tap into a global durian market valued at over USD 20 billion
  • Black Thorn durians, the Rolls Royce of the durian family tree are unique, creamier and sweeter even than Monthong and Musang King

Kuala Lumpur, 29 November 2022 – Chasing after durians, literally, seems to be one of Malaysians favourite pastime. Durian is the most sought-after fruit not only in Malaysia but globally as well especially in China! Aiming to turn every durian lover’s dream into reality, ORESCO, an award-winning durian plantation expert, has recently signed a collaboration with University of Malaya and iRADAR Sdn Bhd, to ensure highest yield and best quality fruits are produced. Also, a pact was signed with Koperasi Durian Malaysia Berhad as a JV to undertake the D’Harvest Growers JV programme.

Malaysia’s first Black Thorn durian growers JV, D’Harvest offers durian lovers a chance of a lifetime to participate in the agricultural industry specifically on Black Thorn durians. Strategically located in Titi Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur and easy-access to nearby international gateway – KLIA. Interested growers can simply reach out to D’Harvest to participate in this joint venture, and watch as their trees thrive under the care of ORESCO’s award-winning plantation management team bringing them a bountiful harvest of durians to feast on while glamping with family and friends or trade as they like for recurring yields.

Agriculture is a sustainable asset and Durian is a very rewarding crop not only in terms of yield but especially in bringing people together to enjoy and share the harvest. That is the beauty of durian agriculture. At ORESCO, we believe in being kind to nature and nature will reciprocate with bountiful natural surprises! Malaysia has more than 100,000 acres of matured Musang King plantation but can only meet 4% of China Durian demand worth USD 4.2 billion. While there are only about 1,000 acres of Black Thorn plantation here, so the market opportunity for Black Thorn durian is tremendous!” said Mark Chin, Founder and CEO of ORESCO.

Spanning over 100 acres, the plantation will have over 4,500 trees of delicious premium Black Thorn durians. Growers can enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind experience with their loved ones over picnics and durian feasts whilst visiting their trees at the orchard. In naming their trees, growers would be able to pass it down to their children creating a legacy.

Aside from enjoying the fruits from their very own trees, growers will also be able to tap into a global durian market valued at over USD20 billion when they reap returns of up to 15 times in total and an asset appreciation of 250% or valuation of up to RM44,250 per tree at D’Harvest. The total asset valuation now is at RM 80 million and the total revenue of this JV is projected to grow to RM 1.1 billion in 20 years, and this programme is open to only 300 public participants!

“I am glad to have this partnership with ORESCO as through the research, I am able to find so much data and information of the various benefits of Black Thorn durian, and how underutilised and under-develop this durian variant is given the perfect climate and rich biodiversity Malaysia possesses. Together with ORESCO and iRADAR, and through modern biotechnology, we’ll strive to develop and disseminate knowledge about agriculture research to further elevate the growth and development of black thorn durian plantations for better yield and quality fruits,” said Dr. Purabi Mazumdar, Senior Lecturer at Centre for Research in Biotechnology for Agriculture (CEBAR), University of Malaya.

“In collaboration with ORESCO, we are excited to begin this new journey with fellow Malaysians. With our integrated smart farming management solutions and systems with the help of drones, we’ll help growers to efficiently collect, store, real-time visualise and analyse their agriculture venture, and to reduce cultivation risks and increase productivity.” said Ir. Dr. Prof. Koo, CEO of iRADAR Sdn Bhd.

KDMB, a durian growth institution is currently in development aiming to spur the demand and rise of Black Thorn durians in Malaysia. In partnership with ORESCO, KDMB looks to encourage more interest in this premium and thriving industry while protecting the growers’ interests jointly as cooperative.

I have been extremely interested and love agriculture since young, but I have not taken it seriously. So now I want to take this opportunity to get involve with ORESCO and have privileged as a celebrity to promote Black Thorn durian not just in Malaysia but internationally! Many modern and city people nowadays find it challenging to get involve with agriculture so D’Harvest is the perfect and easy platform to start. So, I being the top chef in Malaysia will carry the King of Kings durian to the international foray!” said Datuk Dr Chef Wan, International Celebrity.

Known as the ‘King of Kings’, the Black Thorn durian is lighter in texture, creamier and even sweeter than that of the Musang King and Monthong variety – a true treat for durian aficionados. With Black Thorn durians making up only one per cent of the entire durian variety in Malaysia and costing up to 40% more than Musang King, D’Harvest is perhaps the best way for foodies to get their hands on a consistent supply of this highly exclusive variety of durians.

Part of the Durio genus, the Black Thorn is a rare and hybrid durian variety, belonging to the Malvaceae family. Extensively grown in tropical regions, Malaysia is one of the places in the world with the optimal environment and conditions to grow this rare and hybrid durian variety. With an ever-increasing demand for this variety, Malaysia is one of the top 3 global exporters and producers of durian.

For more information about being a part of the D’Harvest Growers Joint Venture, kindly visit 


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