For Her, By Her: Smthgood spotlights 8 women-owned conscious fashion brands this International Women’s Day

For Her, By Her Smthgood spotlights 8 women-owned conscious fashion brands this International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, is one of the most exciting days of the year. This global holiday celebrates the cultural, political and socio-economic achievements of 8 women around the world.

This year, the IWD campaign theme is #EmbraceEquity.  As you may know, fast fashion is constantly violating human rights and has a negative impact on the planet. Most of our garments have been grown and produced beyond our home countries where a majority of the workforce are women, who are often exploited and underpaid. We’re here to tell you that in this story, an empowered entrepreneurial community of women are committed to changing the fashion industry in their own unique, innovative ways.

This March, profit-for-purpose conscious fashion platform Smthgood aims to empower women to express their individuality. To celebrate one of the best days of the year, the brand shines a spotlight on these women-owned conscious fashion brands on their platform.

Tove and Libra (Hong Kong)

Tove and Libra was founded by Christine Chow. Working behind the scenes in the fashion industry Christine and co-founder Ivan could see how negligent and ignorant many brands and consumers were being to thoughtlessly create waste. As a working mom who enjoys discovering independent brands, Christine found a real lack of options for women similar to her in Hong Kong. Wanting to show how creativity and conscious manufacturing and consumption of fashion could come hand in hand, she decided to found Tove & Libra. Built on quality over quantity, and centred around ethical sourcing and production, their mission is to make fashion that’s better for both your closet and our planet.

Jim Weaver (The Philippines)

Founded in 2016, JIM Weaver Designs is the brainchild of four women, sisters Mischel and Isabelle; Jenica and Jenica (Kaw), friends who share the same passion to make art wearable through fashion. The four friends come from different backgrounds and experiences working hand in hand towards a common goal: to share their culture and weave inspiring stories into their products. With Mischel’s passion for modern calligraphy and Jenica, a scarf collector, deciding to put Mischel’s art onto her scarves, art creator Isabelle and business-minded Jenica (Kaw) were roped in. For several months, the four communicated regularly to develop what would eventually be JIM Weaver’s flagship collection. Since then, the team has released over 50 designs spanning different product lines including scarves, pocket squares, reusable masks and tableware.

BeamBold (Hong Kong)

BeamBold began when their founder, Audra Gordon, met another colour lover and had a conversation about their shared love for bright coloured clothing & her challenges finding size appropriate options as an expat in Hong Kong. Audra’s love for vibrant fabrics began at an early age while growing up on the Caribbean Islands of St. Vincent & the Grenadines with her grandmother who was a seamstress. The Aurora Collection was affectionately named to commemorate her  grandmother, Joycelyn Aurora & The Ermie Collection honours her great-grandmother, Ermie Sam. BeamBold pieces are  designed to inspire women to embrace their individuality.


TikiYogi (Indonesia)

Created in 2015 by designer Marisol Rocha, TIKIYOGI is an eco-friendly activewear fashion brand that uses eco-conscious and sustainable materials and other recycled products to create modern, and highly functional designs. Inspired by Ms. Rocha’s move to Bali in 2016, much of the island’s scenery and lifestyle has been incorporated into the brand’s collections. Comprised of an expansive variety of swimwear, surf wear and yoga wear; garments are created out of recycled fabrics, and ocean waste. Each collection has a classic, timeless design incorporating modern and vibrant prints. The brand is leading the way by using a sustainable techno-fabric made of ECONYL® regenerated Italian Nylon that turns waste into fashion.

From left to right: Cheesecake Babe Bikini Top Miami Tropics, Cheesecake Babe High Waist Pink Rose Flamingo, Bali Flora Four Side Straps Reversible Bikini Brief

Dear Senggigi (Indonesia)

Planet-pleasing fashion, handmade with love in limited quantities, Dear Senggigi products are made with sustainable material such as TENCEL™️, zero waste organic fabric – and even fabric scraps that were created during the cutting process of garment production. As part of their mission, Dear Senggigi produces products in a limited quantity, and also by pre-order, to help reduce waste and damage to our ecosystem often caused by the practices of the fast-fashion industry.

Dear Senggigi (Indonesia)

OliveAnkara (Singapore)

OliveAnkara is a slow fashion brand founded by Ifeoma, founder and designer of OliveAnkara. Bringing the brand to Singapore, the brand operates from a place of curiosity and joy, celebrating the richness that diversity brings to our world. The brand’s mission is to create joyful, vibrant, well-crafted designs that draw inspiration from traditional African fashion. OliveAnkara is the meeting point of African fabrics and modern fashion design…with an Italian taste.

OliveAnkara (Singapore)

Bells & Birds (Singapore) 

A namesake that means wedding bells for love birds, the brand started with bridal robes. The whimsical label, Bells & Birds, was founded in 2014 by Amanda Koh who noticed that the local market lacked bridal robes after her own wedding. She learnt sewing from her mother-in-law and painstakingly began handcrafting lace robes from home so that other brides could wear beautiful bridal robes for their getting-ready shots. Not influenced by trends, Bells & Birds designs are feminine, timeless and fun.

Bells & Birds (Singapore) 

Outfyt (Singapore) 

Founded & designed by Stephanie Colhag Yeo, Outfyt is a brand for women to maximise their confidence when working out and beyond. Being half Swedish, the majority of the Outfyt pieces are influenced by Scandinavian design. Marked by a focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality, the Outfyt design style is less trend-driven and more time-driven. Outfyt goes beyond aesthetics to promote sustainable living by removing what’s not necessary and focusing on what’s left – high-quality and longer-lasting items.

Outfyt (Singapore) 


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